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Dec 13, 2010 06:52 PM

Hazelnuts source

Who carries hazelnuts/filberts/noisettes in San Diego?

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  1. I think Windmill Farms in Del Cerro has them in the shell. Out of the shell try Trader Joe's.

    Didn't there used to be a nut farm somewhere in the North County? Bates Nut Farm (or House), or something like that. Or maybe I'm just dating myself?

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Bates Nut Farm. Valley Center. But I don't know if they have filberts...


      I have ordered from this place in Pasadena. They roast the day the nuts are mailed and prices for mailing are cheaper than fuel to drive there...

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      1. re: Cathy

        Cathy, thanks for the advice on aladdin. Ordered a pound of salted hazelnuts and a pound of Persian pistachios and I am very pleased with the quality and the prices.

      2. Bates Nut Farm has filberts $6.35 one pound packages.

        1. Thanks for the replies. I did find a small package at Vons in Encinitas, but they were quite expensive, $4 for 2.5 oz. and more for husked.

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          1. re: Leucadian

            Sprouts in Carmel Mountain have them for sale by the pound...I don't remember how much they are but maybe $10-$15 or cheaper. They're de-shelled...similar "farmer market" type stores might have them, such as Henry's.