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Unusual dinner venue to impress San Diego native?

Where would you suggest going for an unforgettable birthday dinner for two on a Wednesday night? Could be cheap or expensive, near or far, just something to impress even the most jaded San Diego diner!

Thanks Hounds!

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      1. You can start out with a gondola ride with champagne in Coronado and stay at Loews resort/Hotel Del and dine at Mistral/1500 Ocean.
        Go up to Julian and dine at Jeremy's and stay in a bed and breakfast.
        Dine at the Marine Room/Piatti's/Gerorge's in LJ for dinner and stay at the LJBT&C and then go have high tide breakfast at the Marine Room.
        Dinner at the Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel and stay the night.

        Lots of great last minute deals for 4-5* hotels on expedia..
        Have fun!

          1. Wow, thanks everyone! Hope to post back an exciting outcome.

            1. You could do the opposite and hit all the classic dive bars in SD..cab it and hit up all the great taco shops along the way to sop up all that booze...what a riot that would be!
              Pac Shores, Waterfront, Nunu's, Silver Spigot, Star bar, Kraken, Lamplighter, Club Marina, Catalina Lounge, Captains Quarters...
              Then go and stay at the 5* US Grant Hotel for $151 a night...they have great room service!
              This gets my vote!

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                You can mention BC's name at each of these fine establishments- they are all no doubt deeply in her debt.

              2. Ali Baba in El Cajon. Excellent. Fresh. Inexpensive.

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                  Cathy: Is Ali Baba the same purveyor at the Hillcrest farmer's market? Their hummus is really good. I'd like to go to the storefront if they have one.

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                    I think it is the same, but never asked. The hummus at the restaurant is excellent.
                    [Main Street at Balantyne/Avocado in El Cajon]

                    Items from the restaurant are $1 less each if you get them to go instead of eating in. Lots of "to go" ordering...but sitting down is an experience you would enjoy.

                    {Definitely not the same as Ali Baba's Cave on Roselle 92121}

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                      That would be Baba Foods and I don't think they're related

                  2. Starlite Lounge. $15 off bottles of wine on Sundays, and excellent menu and service.

                    3175 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

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                      I like Starlite as well, but an "unforgettable birthday dinner for two"?

                      Don't think so. Unless you are smokers, and you can enjoy the back patio and pretend you're in Spain with the mas-chic crowd that don't wear athletic shoes.

                      1. re: Fake Name

                        Actually, I am making this rec based on a recent dinner for two that was, in fact, pretty unforgettable. If the two in question are feeling good together, this place does nothing but augment what you bring in without any fanfare- just good, solid service and food. Especially if you go earlier in the evening, sit in a corner booth behind the bar, enjoy the good music and try not to forget a thing.

                        on the menu for us:
                        their grilled octopus- simple, but always very fresh and tasty
                        steamed clams from baja in their broth- really outstanding
                        persimmon and greens salad- rediculously good with paper-thin slices of the fruit that matched the leafy greens in texture, no chunks
                        order 'o fries- up there with Cafe Chloe's, in my book
                        shared their boned-half jidori bird on the most delicious Crow's pass veg melange with pomegranite, various ways
                        all with a bottle of good tempranillo...
                        and for dessert, a delicious ginger cake with dulce de leche icing and house-candied persimmon and really good coffee service

                        ...all for $100 with tip.

                        And not a whiff of cigarette smoke in the place. No need to visit the patio...


                        p.s. All this without notes and I'm the kind of guy who can't remember what he had for breakfast. I was also dining with the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. So, unforgettable it was...