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Dec 13, 2010 06:17 PM

Gonna be in Charlotte tomorrow night. Looking for a good place to eat. What are my options for

Indian, Tapas, or very creative cuisine.

Not looking for a spendy place.....what's out there?

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  1. Do you have a location in mind? Charlotte is a pretty large, spread out city. Soul Gastrolounge is good for tapas-type small plates. Copper is a good indian restaurant.

    1. I will second JLA that we'll need an end of town to focus on.

      1. The James Beard Award Nominees were released recently, only one Charlotte area restaurant was nominated for any category, and it was Good Food on Montford for the Best New Restaurant category. I haven't had the pleasure of dining there yet, but a few of my close friends have, who's opinions I trust very much, and they absolutely loved it. It's at least worth consideration, perhaps some chowhounds who've dined there could give their thoughts.

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        1. re: picklelicious

          Was not impressed with Good Food on Montford. The menu is schizophrenic - it's all over the place and overpriced. The atmosphere is very loud. The food is average. I wanted to like it, especially when I learned they were doing pork buns, but it just had no "wow". The pork buns, by the way, were thins slabs of pork belly and were overpriced.

          1. re: lynnlato

            I'll disagree with this review of Good Food. I sat at the bar a few months ago (the food side of the bar, not the drink side -- I love watching chefs work), and after bantering a bit I asked what the staff's favorite dishes were. Consequently, every dish I got was delicious. I really didn't have a bad bite all night. Unfortunately, I can only remember two things -- the cheese plate, which was very well thought-out with complementary side flavors for each cheese, and the steamed bun. They have a real, authentic recipe for the chinese steamed pork buns, and I can honestly say that the flavors took me right back to China, where I had them all the time during the month I spent there. True, they aren't packed with meat -- but that's not the point. The bun itself had the PERFECT texture (very hard to achieve), and the amount of meat was, I thought, true to the ones I had in China. It just wasn't an American style "let's how much meat we can stuff in this" type of pork bun.

            I do agree that the dishes really are all over the place, but actually I think that makes it more fun! I always try to ask the chef and staff at places like that what THEY like, and that rarely fails. Overall, I had a wonderful meal (accompanied by a great wine, another recommendation from the staff).

        2. For creative Indian, try Copper on East Blvd.

          1. Thanks for the responses. it was a quick in/out. I was near Toringdon area (as best I could tell) too tired t chase crap down.

            Ended up at a Tapas place near there Terre Tieare (or something lke that). Empty, but th tapas were really good. Had Mussels in a spicy red broth, Pulpa done nicely, Lamb Chops in a Tempranillo sauce. Had a nice Tempranillo with the meal.

            Wish I had more advance notice and time to check out other places.

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            1. re: masnole

              Tria Terra in Carmel Commons (same shopping center as Fresh Market). Great place, although I haven't been there in quite a while. How did you discover it?

              So glad you found some good food - it's a little more difficult to do so in South Charlotte!

              Fresh Market
              4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

              Tria Terra
              7707 Pineville Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

              1. re: masnole

                I was going to recommend Tria Terra for tapas. Glad you found it on your own. Probably the most underrated restaurant in Charlotte. I've been there at least 5 times since I moved here and it's by far my favorite restaurant. I've never had a bad dish.

                Tria Terra
                7707 Pineville Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226