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Dec 13, 2010 06:12 PM

Southern Naples Restaurant Suggestions

Hi. I am looking for some restaurant suggestions in the southern naples area. We are from NYC so we like good food but we are also traveling with an 18 month old. Looking forward to hearing some options.


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  1. what would u like?
    nice places?
    kid friendly places?

    1. Truluck's on Fifth Avenue South is fabulous for stone crabs/seafood but NOT very toddler-friendly. Campiello on 3rd Street South offers fabulous Italian food but seeing that you are from NYC, you have great Italian everywhere, so it may not be what you are seeking. Fernandez the Bull on South Airport Road offers fabulous Cuban food and may be more toddler friendly than Truluck's or Campiello.

      1. if you're from NY you should check out Inca's Kitchen--if there is something like it in NY, I'm sure it hasn't been discovered yet by the NYT's. this is great Peruvian food which is different from other central and S. American food. the chef is friendly (may even be the one taking your order) and the place is very casual.