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Dec 13, 2010 05:20 PM

Beef Wellington

I want to make individual beef wellingtons because my family all likes their meat done differently. So Im trying to figure out how exactly to cook this.
If, lets say, one person likes their meat medium well, do I cook it to medium well, THEN wrap it in pastry/duxelles etc. and bake it again? Will this overcook it? If not, how much LESS should I cook it the first time before wrapping??

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  1. You will want to brown each of the servings and cook each to a different level of doneness before wrapping them for the oven. Keep in mind that each will bake for about 25 - 30 minutes and adjust the length of time you pre-cook them to account for the additional time in the oven.
    May I suggest you pre-cook each to an internal temperature that is slightly less than the desired finished prefered ( temperature but make sure that none fall below fda recommendations for food safety.

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      Thank you. That was what I was thinking...
      So if I want medium, lets say, which is 140-150... what would you cook it to the first time?

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        That will depend on:
        The size (density of your meat)
        How long it's out of the oven during the wrapping phase
        How much heat your oven loses during the transfer process
        How quickly your oven recovers its heat loss
        Where it placed when returned to the oven and the type of pan you use
        Generally speaking, I'd expect the meat to gain about 10 degrees of temperature in 25 - 30 minutes. But that's an estimate and you'll need to use your digital thermometer for the final check to make sure it got to where you wanted it to finish.
        It might be a good idea to experiment with one ahead of time to get a better idea of what you can expect on that special day.

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          I would prefer to keep things simple. Brown 'em all off to same degree as serving them rare. Complete assembly. To fire the entrees, put sir/madam's med-well in first. Eight mins later, fire the med one. Then the med-rare ones. And so on. You can print a "location grid" on an index card, or use the pastry scrps to differentiate. Good luck! This is very doable.

          1. re: chefdaddyo

            Okay. So you dont think that the pastry of the "med well" one will get TOO brown?

    2. Rather than the hassle of individuals, why not cook one chunk large enough for your group. The end slices will be well, the next medium and the middle rare. So much easier to handle the pate and pastry too.

      1. What sides or veggies do you serve with your beef wellington? I am about to make my first one and me trying to decide what might go well with it.

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          it's traditionally served with potatoes and a green vegetable - broccoli, asparagus, leafy greens...whatever floats your boat!

        2. ugh-HA! good timing~

          I was looking for a nice Wellington instruction/recipe. I've never made one but i am planning on making it on Christmas in lieu of our standard rib roast.

          does it usually has porscuitto? do you think it makes the whole thing taste too salty or does it compete with the loin and foie?

          as far as wrapping individuals, do you do a simple tuck on 4 sides like a envelope? trying to wrap THAT around my brain..