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Dec 13, 2010 03:35 PM

Great, local eats in Charlotte, NC


I'll be in Charlotte (from Berkeley) for 5 days in January for a meeting with 10 other folks. I'm looking for a great local place for dinner one night. Doesn't have to be fancy. But, the food has to be fresh, preferably local, and where someone is really cooking (as opposed to opening cans). Can be any ethnicity or type but local, southern fare, would be my preference!

We are staying at The VanLandingham Estate, 2010 The Plaza.




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  1. The Southern Gourmet on Monroe Rd has good blue plate specials and is open from 11-430 Tues-Sunday (If memory serves). Food is not healthy, but usually darn tasty. If you'll be on the street called The Plaza, Dish and Nova's Bakery are a pretty easy walk from the door. Both are usually quite good.

    Southern Gourmet
    9101 Monroe Rd Ste 110, Charlotte, NC 28270

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      I'd have to disagree and say skip both the dish and nova's bakery. The Dish is certainly an open can and dump sort of place. Nova's actually brings a big majority of their stuff in from other places. I'd check out the Liberty, focus on local foods, good beer, and some new twists on southern food.

    2. You might want to do a search on here, as there are so many places in Charlotte. Two that come to my mind are both located on Central Avenue, in relative close proximity to the Van Landingham Estate. They are Lulu (a casual, french inspired place is an old house that uses local ingredients) and Soul Gastrolounge, a funky bar/lounge /restaurant with lots of innovation (and delicious) small plates and appetizers. Websites are:

      I've never been to Dish, but I have heard lots of good things about it. I have been to The Liberty, and have not been impressed.

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        Thanks! I'll google map the recs you've made. Is there a good coffee/bakery place near The Plaza?

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          Amelie's French Bakery, 2424 N. Davidson Street. Great place!

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            Seconding Amelie's. Twice-baked croissants or salted-caramel brownies would get my vote.

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              I"m starting to see Davidson street as a place filled with good eating. Am I getting that correct? Any other recs?

              1. re: kayreed

                It's actually North Davidson Street (or No Da as the neighborhood is called). It's always been an area with a lot of potential but with the tendency to zig when it should have zagged. Besides Amelie's there aren't too many other good restaurants. There's better eating in other parts of the city.

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                  I would say that NoDa has several very good restaurants...Boudreaux's Lousiana Kitchen, Growlers Pourhouse, Cabo Fish Taco, Crepe Cellar.

                  Its a fun, funky area that also has some interesting art galleries, shops and live music venues. I have no idea what "the tendency to zig when it should have zagged" means. Yes, there are better restaurants in other neighborhoods, but depending on what you're looking for, its a fun place to get get a good meal. If you are planning a large group dinner (you mentioned you're part of a group of 11) just be aware that other than Boudreaux's, the restaurants in NoDa are generally fairly small and may have trouble accomodating a large group, especially on a weekend night.


                  Cabo Fish Taco
                  3201 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

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                    This sums it up pretty well. Don't get me wrong. I've always rooted for the neighborhood.

          2. Try Harvest Moon Grill at the Dunhill Hotel downtown.

            1. I second the Harvest Moon Grill recommendation. Cassie and Natalie from Grateful Grower's Farm are passionate about local, fresh products. I have not had the chance to eat dinner at Harvest Moon, but I have had lunch there twice so far. In addition to their pork products, they feature produce, beef and cheeses from local producers. Don't be put off by the fact the restaurant in in a hotel. The food is not fancy, but it is very good. Definitely try the cheese plate!

              Harvest Moon Cafe
              234 Broad St, Rome, GA 30161