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Dec 13, 2010 03:28 PM

The Cosmo, Fleur, etc.

Interesting times coming up for Vegas if you trust Opentable and the internet - The Cosmopolitan opens on Wednesday and Heubert Keller's new Fleur opens on Thursday - sadly, aside from a leaked menu for China Poblano and a (identical to LA) menu for Comme Ca are available so far.

What has you all most excited about the next wave of Vegas dining?

China Poblano definitely has appeal if the prelim menu was legit and if Scarpetta can match the NYC version it'll instantly be the best Italian in town. For myself I think Fleur seems like a fantastic idea - French Tapas - and DOCG could be stellar if Conant can replicate his flavor palate in a more casual spot.

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  1. Just ate at Fleur last night. Had a wonderful time, though the full dining room is not open yet, in terms of seating.

    We weren't even sure it was open, but saw what I thought was a Press Photo Op so stopped by and perused the menu they had up. Chef Keller was there, and after a few moments he came over and we chatted for a bit. He invited my wife and I back for dinner later (they are in soft-open, so it is not like only we were invited), and we stopped by a few hours later.

    Everything on the menu looked great, so we just asked the server to have the chef select 6 or 7 plates for us at his discretion. I'm working off of memory, and this will just be a quick sketch, but we had the following:

    Marinated Olives, Onion Soup "Shooters", Ahi Tacos, Braised Hamachi, Foie Gras with Brioche, Oysters, Meatballs, Skirt Steak with Chimmichurri, and Cheesecake lollipops for dessert.

    Also had a thoroughly delicious amuse of a fruit (escapes me off the top of my head) "sorbet" made with liquid nitrogen and tequila.

    Most everything was really good -- I didn't love the meatballs, but other than that we thoroughly enjoyed each dish. Chef Keller stopped by a couple of times, as well as the Asst GM (I have his card but not on me).

    I'm really looking forward to being back in Feb and trying the more formalized menu ... there's even an option where the kitchen will bring you the entire menu!

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      Nice - will probably swing by Fleur and DOCG on the same evening, late and early respectively, to grab a few small plates and see the rooms.

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        You'll like it u. I feel you and I have similar tastes ... well, except for the whole (not)eating meat thing <wink>.

        Posted a quick review of my Vegas weekend here:

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          Its not "not eating" - its just that beef flesh doesn't thrill me - no matter how it is prepped it always "tastes like beef" to me. I get along quite nicely with offal and all other animals.

          Checked out your report - excellent choices all around. My eating agenda is probably overaggressive, but I've got co-diners to allow vastly more plate tasting on this visit. I'll report back at length, as usual. :-)

    2. The concierge at the Cosmo will mail menus out if asked - the DOCG one is interesting albeit small, Blue Ribbon Sushi looks to be a quick contender for best variety of raw fishes in Vegas.

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        Any chance of uploading the menus when you get them?

        EDIT - A bit more searching found me the Blue Ribbon Sushi menu at

      2. I'm probably most excited about China Poblano, Scarpetta, and Milos coming to town. China Poblano is actually a new, first-in-Vegas concept (!!!), while Milos offers something (fine, authentic Greek dining) that we haven't seen in Vegas before. And while there are already scores of Italian restaurants all over town, I still can't wait to try Scarpetta's house-made pasta!

        1. Ate at Comme Ca for lunch - Chef Meyer was there working the kitchen and the room - nice guy, but more quiet than expected. Food was great but menu was limited and they didn't have certain items in stock that were on the menu. Full review eventually.

          Also saw Chef Andres at Jaleo - talked to him for ~3-4 minutes - really nice guy.

          Scott Conant was in DOCG surveying and taking pictures the team around 12:30 - menu wasn't posted and they only open at 4:00pm - we'll be there Monday evening.

          China Poblano's menu is really intriguing - we'll be eating there Monday for lunch.

          The space for Estiatorio looks incredible, but the menu wasn't doing much for me.

          The SPACE at "BOND" is absolutely breathtaking.

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            Thank you. I can't wait to read your reviews. Please post them as soon as you can.

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              We visited Vegas over the weekend and ate at Comme ├ža on Saturday. I wasn't sure if it was even open, the main dining is way in the back. Lots of visitors came in to see the patio view. We've never been to the one in Hollywood, so we weren't sure what to expect. We both ordered the 3 course lunch meals. The food was great, the service even better. I had the endives salad, chicken diable, and profiteroles. My wife had the butternut squash soup, salmon, and pot du creme. All very good! We talked with Mr. Myers for a few and took a picture with him at the patio. The chalkboards are plus for those with kids. My son(5) enjoyed drawing on the walls near the restrooms.