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Dec 13, 2010 02:58 PM

corso32 (Edmonton)

As already mentioned in the thread, "New Restaurants Opening in Edmonton" Daniel Costa (Red Star, Jack's Grill) is opening a new restaurant corso32. corso32 is slated to open this week, I feel very lucky I got a preview last night through a 9 course tasting.

I've been a huge fan of Costa's food at Red Star and have promoted his polpettes and Pembina pork pasta on this site. But his menu at corso32 takes his simple, rustic Italian cuisine to a whole other level. We had a 9 course tasting:

1.) Didn’t catch the name of this dish but essentially they were yummy Risotto balls oozing with cheese
2.) Fonduta ravioli, black truffle, pickled chanterelles, sage leaf
3.) Wild arugula salad with roasted hazelnuts, shaved fennel, and parmigiano vinaigrette
4.) Cotechini (sausage) with pickled lentils, parmigiano
5.) Beets with house made whipped goat ricotta and pistachio
6.) Ricotta gnocchi, tomato, basil
7.) Pappardelle, short rib ragu
8.) Braised meatballs, wild arugula
9.) Chocolate terrine, salty hazelnuts

The highlights for me as a cheese-a-holic were the risotto balls and the fonduta ravioli which were both oozing with cheese. Most of the other guests were also raving about the ravioli, the pasta was made fresh and when you cut into it the filling oozed out as if it were the sauce from cheese fondue. Another big hit was the short rib pappardelle, how can you go wrong with short rib and fresh pasta?

I also enjoyed the house-made ricotta which was so creamy and balanced the pickled beets well.

Dessert was a pleasant surprise, too often I've been to restaurants where the food is amazing but the chefs can't seem to create a nice rich dessert. The chocolate terrine was silky and decadent. A perfect ending to a great meal.

I can't wait for corso32 to open (currently will be open by Wed this week), we've already booked a New Year's tasting. I think this place will give the Edmonton food scene a much needed taste-lift.

Jack's Grill
5842 111 Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 3G1, CA

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  1. Looking forward to trying it! I have eaten my way through most of the Red Star menu and have been waiting for Daniel Costa to open a full restaurant with a slightly wider menu and improved service.

    1. A friend on FB posted a bunch of photos from the preview meal at Corso 32 - it looks amazing! I'm looking forward to giving it a try next time I'm in E-town.

      Foodkarma, I believe #1, the rice balls, are called Arancini. They are a very popular street food in southern Italy. Yum!

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        S_B_Russell, you're right. We didn't catch the name but now that you've prompted me that's exactly what they were called "Arancini". Small world, we have someone in common the photographer for the night is my bf. That's how I managed to get an impromptu dinner.

      2. Corso32 officially opens today, Wednesday, December 15, 2010. 6 p.m. Cheers!

        1. Sounds like a very well planned, complementary menu. I'm excited to give it a try - how's the wine list?

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            KayceeK, we didn't check out the wine list... will have to do so on our next visit now that it's open

          2. What is the exact location of Corso32?

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            1. re: Magnapro

              It's on the south side of Jasper Ave., between 104th and 103rd Streets.