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Dec 13, 2010 02:53 PM

McConnell's Egg Nog & Peppermint Ice Creams at Ralph's

FYI, my neighborhood Ralph's doesn't usually carry McConnell's Ice Cream, but this year they've got it ($3.50 a pint last weekend) as a holiday specialty item.

The Egg Nog ice Cream is very good, haven't tried the Peppermint Stick or the Pumpkin Pie flavors yet. (McConnell's is all natural....the ingredients in the egg nog ice cream are cream, milk, eggs, nutmeg, allspice, sugar and rum).

Yum. They had it hidden behind some ice cream bars down near the non-fat ice creams, but I found it !

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  1. I just noticed this yesterday at the Pasadena/Hastings Ranch location. There it was priced at $4.69/pint, which is more than WF, if I remember correctly.

    1. Anybody see the Nesselrode that they were so famous for?

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      1. re: Hughlipton

        Nope, but "Russian Nesselrode" is listed on the McConnell's website so they must sell it somewhere. Maybe try the scoop shop on Ventura Blvd, in Encino, I think it's called "Sweet Dreams".

        (note the brand new look of McConnell's pints)

      2. Peppermint used to be a standard, year-round flavor for McConnells; I'd be surprised if it still isn't.

        Of course back in my day, peppermint was pretty standard year-round everywhere. As was...anybody remember raspberry revel?

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        1. re: Muskrat

          Yes, they have the Peppermint Stick all year, just can't find it around here. The Island Coconut is usually available at Gelson's though, and that's my favorite a chocolate pie crust with a little hot fudge on top. Come to think of it, the Peppermint Stick would taste great in a fudge pie, too.

          1. re: jackattack

            Yeah, the McConnell's I see is at the Mayfair/Gelson's in Hollywood where I can't usually afford to shop. Can't remember what flavors I've seen in Ralphs..