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Dec 13, 2010 02:42 PM

Tipping Grocery Delivery

I recently started using a grocery delivery service. They are charging $6 per delivery (for about $40 worth of food). Wondering if I still should tip them when they deliver? Kinda hefty delivery charge so I wasn't sure what to do. Thoughts?

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  1. When I order from Fresh Direct, I don't tip, because of the service charge. And also because the delivery is always, always late, and the delivery people are very surly.

    1. I don't have to deal with these situations since I live in the suburbs, but at the very least, I would offer them a bottle of water. Cheap for a kind gesture. If these guys become the regular delivery guy, you may want to give them a nominal gratuity on each visit.....or a monthly gratuity in the form of $5 or more, People do not like to remember the beaners, but they always remember the 5 spots more kindly.

      1. My elderly mother uses home delivery by both Peapod (Stop and Shop) and Shop-Rite Home Delivery. The delivery service charge is for taking your order, picking your order and the cost of running the truck. It is not for a gratuity to the delivery personnel. My mother does not have a large order, but her regular $5 tip ensures that the delivery person doesn't just drop the bags at the door, but carries it in, places the bags on the kitchen counter, and often places the perishables into the refrigerator.
        This is money well spent for an 88 year old who uses a walker or a wheelchair to get around the home.