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Dec 13, 2010 02:09 PM

Any information on new deli in Dallas?

I heard that a new deli has gone into the old Ed's Deli location. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. Found out it is called Gio's Cafe & New York Style Deli. We haven't tried it yet.

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        Yes, they have been open several days. We haven't eaten there we -just bought some bagels (haven't tried them yet)..

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          From my experience with properly made NYC style bagels, you don't want to wait too long to eat them. A proper NYC style bagel is usually stale by the evening of the day you've bought it. By the next day, it's hard as a rock!
          But then again, this isn't NYC and I'm sure they're not making "proper" NYC style bagels.

          1. re: twinwillow

            We freeze the bagels the same day that we buy them. Thaw them in the micorwave when we want one and toast. them. Not the same as eating them the same day that we buy them, but ............

      2. I hope before I go to my grave that a Kenny & Ziggy's Deli opens in Dallas.


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          Ala vi! From your mouth to God's ears. (in Yiddish).

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            on NYC bagels..i've heard that its the NYC TAP WATER that makes NYC bagels different. you can take the same recipe and it won't have the same bagel.

            check out this link:


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              Jon, the same go's for everything from pizza dough to pastrami to "dirty water" hot dogs. NYC water is so soft, it's like having Fuji Water from the tap.

          1. I tried breakfast this morning and was very impressed. The corned beef hash was as good as any I've had in town. Eggs were cooked perfectly. Lox spread had nice chunks of nova in it. The bagels are made fresh in house. They are boiled and then baked like they do it in NY. The bagel had great flavor and was very fresh but lacked the weight of a NY bagel. I'm guessing it is the difference in the water of NY and Dallas. Either way it was a good bagel. I even preferred it to the imported from NY par baked bagels that Deli News offers. The coffee was NY standby Chock Full o'Nuts and it was outstanding.

            I also scoped out the other items too. The corned beef and pastrami is brought in from the famous Carnegie Deli in NY. Hebrew National hot dogs are used. They serve 3 types of knishes. The salads (whitefish, tuna, cole slaw, chopped liver, etc.) all looked fantastic. It all looked very promising. I can't wait to try more.

            Deli News
            17062 Preston Rd Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75248

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              Uh oh I see rabid wife until I take her there. Carnegie Deli......

              1. re: irodguy

                I went back for dessert tonight. Oh my. The cheesecake and many of the other pastries are also brought in from the Carnegie. I think I have a new home away from home.

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                Definitely with you on the belly lox and the pastrami lox; it's really what they do the best there (believe those are actually done in house). To everyone that's dismissing them just because of the pastrami: did you try any of the lox?

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                  I will go back a few more times, but if the pastrami was as good as the last time I went (and yes that is the photo I published from my last venture in) then their pastrami is very good.