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Dec 13, 2010 02:06 PM

The 400 Restaurant Framingham. How is it?

Read a good review of this place (on another board). What's the chow-line on this place? Good? Bad? Medium rare?

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  1. Been there over a dozen times within the last 6 months though I live in Boston. For my money the best red sauce Italian I have had in a while. I would call it a hidden jewel (sorry) in that it is off the Route 9 beaten path.

    Unbelievable eggplant, veal and the the chicken piccata ( I know, not red sauce) awesome, just the right amount of lemon and extremely tender. Usually several fish and steak (presently a Filet Minion, au pouive I believe) dishes available as well..seasonal. Dedicated owners and very fair prices. Very nice execution and you can tell the chef really cares. Give it a try and report back please.

    400 Plus Club
    430 Franklin St, Framingham, MA 01702

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      Thanks Doug - I'm trying to line up shopping and/or movies in that neck of the woods and try it out. Will report back.

      1. re: DougMac

        Doug, do they still serve the square pizza? It was great many years ago. The place used to be one of the last old-school dive-y red sauce joints. Lots of vinyl, formica, and the smell of stale smoke and booze. Like the Echo Bridge restaurant in Newton. Is it still like that?

        1. re: nightsky

          No square Pizza, actually they only brought back pizza around a year ago....a little on the thick crust style which is not my fave. Yes on the Formica and vinyl, but clean. As I said the owners really do care, send regular emails out to customers..I'll try to find out how to link one and I'll show you. Here's the website

          1. re: DougMac

            Ooops! my mistake on the pizza Nightsky, a friend just told me they do now serve the original square kind.

            Also the tables and bar are now granite and the floors were redone with ceramic tiles...I think I am tunnel visioned on the food! So its different in a good way from the decor you remember...sorry for confusion. I'm planning a visit this Wednesday.