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Dec 13, 2010 01:53 PM

30th birthday dinner. Le bec fin or somewhere else?

I'm trying to plan a small dinner for 4 in early February. my first thought was to get to LeBecFin before it closed but I realized some actual thought should be in order. I'm looking for a nicer meal, so no matter how good pho 75 is, I'd like something fancier.

does anyone have some good ideas? I'm looking at Vetri already. please no garces places, I've had terrible service at two of them and don't fancy taking any chances on this meal.
anything I've overlooked? Bibou is another option (close to boot) but a place with a slightly larger menu would be better for this group.

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  1. I've had wonderful celebratory meals at both Lacroix and James.

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      Thanks, lacroix sounds good. I like the idea of a tasting menu.

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        My friend was just going on and on about how great James was after eating a celebratory meal there last weekend. The menu is fairly small, though, if that's an issue for you.

      2. We had dinner at Le Bec Fin about a month ago, and it was as good as ever. I figured we better get there before it closed.
        Meritage on Lombard Street is quite good, and Southwark has good food and a great bar.

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          Le Bec is not closing, according to rumors. Zahav is a good choice.

        2. The quality of service has seriously declined at Le Bec Fin. I think the fact that it is closing has had a negative impact on staff. I recently ate there with a group we ordered the $40 anniversary menu the food was mediocre as well.

          For a lovely dinner I recommend XIX at the Bellevue- ambiance, service and food are all excellent.