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ISO dulce de leche

Is it available in any of the popular area grocery stores? I've looked at Shaw's, Stop n'Shop, TJ and WF but did not find any.

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  1. Check the bodegas and Latin groceries, although I've bought it at both Star and S&S. Not all stores carry the same amount of Latin groceries, though.

    1. Try Russo's I b'lieve...

      1. I think Dave's Fresh Pasta carries it, though it might be a goat milk version? Not sure.

        Dave's Fresh Pasta
        81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144

        1. Yes, hello?

          Hi Amy, it is available in a few versions (including cajeta, which is goat's milk based usually) at Cardullo's. Savenor's has I think La Salamandra brand. There's a stand occasionally at the farmer's markets that sells Argentine dulce de leche, so keep an eye out next spring!

          The cheapest of course is to check the Brazilian groceries. They almost always have it.

          1. Whole Foods in Brighton carries the La Salamandra brand, which I used to see at Russo's, but haven't lately.

            1. I got a goat's milk version from Formaggio a few months back. Was delicious, if pricey.

              1. Amy, did you check the "ethnic" aisle of S & S and Shaw's? I know I've bought it at the Allston S& S and I know they also had the cajeta..

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                  I've seen it pre made at Market Basket, in the same kind of cans as the condensed milk.

                2. In fact, saw it today at Market Basket, in the Goya isle. They had Nestle's version, though I seem to remember seeing either Goya or Carnation in the past. It comes in the same sized cans as the condensed, sweetened milk you'd make it from yourself.

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                    Thanks for the update, I think I'll try Market Basket then. That will give me an excuse to visit the new Burlington MB.

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                      You never said exactly what is close to your house as there are a lot of options. Market Basket more often than not carries Nestle in its latino products (in some stores this is 2 aisles, so the goya dry products can be one isle over) and sometimes Goya. However, if you go to a Market Basket which carries more Brazilian products, you can get the brand Itambe or another sometimes for maybe $.10 more -- this will be with the Brazilian coconut milk and not in the same display as the Goya/Nestle stuff. The Carnation condensed milk is usually with chocolate milk, but I have never seen dulce de leche.

                      I don't know about the new Burlington MB, but the old one didn't have much Brazilian (it carried a few greek items other stores didn't), but Woburn has a decent sized selection and would have the Itambe as does Somerville and Chelsea. Johnnie's Foodmaster also carries it and so do many Stop and Shops with some latino products. If you go to a more specialized Brazilian store you can sometimes get nicer versions in glass jars -- I have seen it in the stores on Main in Woburn but they tend to be a bit sparse, the butcher on Middlesex in Medford carries a couple of decent products (and "homemade" guava paste), pretty certain Seabra in Somerville also has a couple of options. For a dulce de leche for eating as opposed to cooking, also check out Capones (or Cardullo's but you'll pay more).

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                        Arlington, Lexington, Burlington, Billerica, Wilmington, Woburn and Bedford are all convenient to me. Cambridge is close by but I can't parallel park so I have ruled out that and Somerville.

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                          itaunas, i must say, i have always followed your posts w/ interest, but this one particularly>>My heavens- how can you KNOW all that!!? that is a lot of detailed availability info in your head!
                          That said, is there a coconut dulce de leche that you have found ? Years ago, I bought an Asian version in a jar; i don't remember if it was filipino or indonesian...... but i'm guessing there's a so. american version as well?......
                          thanks much.

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                            opinionatedchef there certainly are versions which use coconut, both industrial (itambé which I mentioned above definitely offers one) and artisan too (doce de leite talhado the curdled kind I think I mentioned above is often made with coconut). The store bought sweetened shredded coconut is also commonly added to fillings at the time of confection (you might do better with a ripe coconut and squeezing it through cheese cloth first). Since Itambe is distributed in the area you might be able to find a can of that, more likely in Brazilian stores, but I haven't really searched for it.

                            If you like coconut there are some decent cocadas around, including some which are made with sweetened condensed milk. They don't have milk, but I like the ones they sell at the counter at La Internacional in Union Square or Tony's Foodland on Broadway in Somerville (they might have ones with milk, but here I prefer the plain ones too).

                    2. any latin market should have it. goya and la lechera (nestle) are the two most common. i have also seen it in the "international aisle" of some of the larger american supermarkets

                      1. Last time I was at Russo's they had Fat Toad Farm's. Close to the entrance.

                        1. I've seen the larger WF's carry it.. Latin markets are option 2

                          1. Go to Seabra Market in Somerville, it's probably the most well-stocked Brazilian supermarket in the area. They also have outlets in Attleboro and Fall River.

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                              bob, thanks so much for that info. Just in time, and Perfecto!

                            2. I have, in a pinch, used the Borden in cans available at Market Basket and when it is a component of a dish it's really not bad, surprisingly. You can make it yourself quite easily by pouring a can (or two) of sweetened condensed milk into a baking dish, covering, placing in a bain marie (place your baking dish in a larger pan and pour in hot water until it reaches halfway up the side of the dish with the milk inside) and cooking for an hour to an hour and a half until uniformly dark and caramelized.

                              There are MANY directions floating around out there where you are instructed to cook the SCMilk in a CLOSED can in either boiling water or a crockpot. You do NOT want to do this. Even though there are countless people who will tell you "it's fine", it takes just that ONE can with an air bubble or some spoilage (creating gas) and that can will explode - and I mean EXPLODE - and injuries are SURE to ensue.

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                                I've bought it at at the Shaws in Brighton, It was in a squeeze tube, i think Nestle.

                                I've also made it in a can using directions I found on you tube. The directions basically told me to open the can just slightly, and it worked perfectly. When the condensed milk bubbled out of the can a few times, I just wiped it of with a towel. Per the directions suggestions, I also put a wet towel inside, on the bottom of my pot, and then filled the pan with water... the towel inside the pan prevented my can from banging around.

                                Mayflower foods in brighton also used to sell a few brand.