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Dec 13, 2010 12:33 PM

Edi & the Wolf - recs?

I know its brand new and I'm not going to get much information since I'm going in 3 hours. But if anyone has been and has a rec let me know.


Edi & the Wolf
102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

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  1. i live basically next door and it has been buzzing since it opened i think two weeks ago. had nearly all on the the pickled veg, cured pork belly...flatbreads rocks and the spaezlee sweet. hope you are going with friends...order bunch of stuff + try the great wines...awesome list and much by the glass...loved the steak, those raviolis......sorry had 3 meals there the last two weeks....+ hope you get a or hang at the bar...

    1. So my browser crashed and the long recount of our meal is gone. In summation:

      Everything we had was excellent. Edi was there and he was so attentive and explained the dishes as they were served in detail without being snooty or taking too long.

      The poached egg entree was a surprising highlight and which Edi pointed out was cvooked to exactly 65.5 celcius.

      We had the flat bread with speck and the ribs. Both very good.

      Steak and sea bass got great reviews. Note that the cornish hen is not how you would expect. I think it is fried and served in pieces, but I didnt try as I was quite drunk by then.

      Wine list is pretty big and totally foreign to all of us, but the reccomendations on the reds were well received. The menu is divided up into light, medium and heavy. All I remember is we had 2 bottles of a heavy red and they were $61. Wish it was cheaper cuz we'd have had 2 more.

      Finished off with an excellent cheese plate, decent siez for 6 cheeses at $17.

      Great woodsy kind of dark atmosphere and great attentive service. Felt like I was in a fancy nordic hobbit hole, in a good way. Love the wooden roof lit from behind. Gave the whole room a dark glowing effect.

      Sorry cant get deeper into the dishes, but spent too much time and then crashed on the 1st review. Definitely worth a trip, and check out the wines as you're sure to find something new.

      I live a block away and am very happy with the addition to the neighborhood.

      Edi & the Wolf
      102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

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      1. re: 2slices

        Can't wait to try. I'm on an Austrian kick. What's the wait like these days? Did it take you long to get seated?

        Also, am I correct in understanding it's exclusively wine? I just discovered the joy of Austrian Zirbenz.

        1. re: Mr Porkchop

          We walked right in on this past Monday at 7:30. But they got a write up on daily candy today. Wines we ordered were Austrian, but not sure that everything was. Edi was very helpful in our selecting.