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Dec 13, 2010 11:25 AM

chinese on xmas day near the convention center?

We will be in DC on Christmas Day and are looking for a Chinese restaurant to take about 10-12 people. Any ideas? Based on this particular group, service is as important as cuisine. thanks!

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  1. You are within easy walking distance to Chinatown. Many of the Chinese restaurants are holes-in-the-wall. The one that has good food, decor and service is Ping Pong Dim Sum. But be forewarned: people who don't celebrate Christmas pile into Chinese restaurants on Christmas so make reservations right away. As a back-up you might try Tony Cheng's Mongolian or upstairs seafood restaurant but they aren't nearly as good.

    Ping Pong Dim Sum
    900 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

    1. chinatown express or eat first in chinatown but call to insure they are open on xmas day

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        I went to Eat First a few years ago for Christmas and it was delicious. But I would call to make a reservation since it gets very crowded on Christmas.

        Eat First Restaurant
        609 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

      2. Sadly, while you are near Chinatown, I am not sure there would be a place I can recommend with great food and service... I highly doubt Ping Pong Dim Sum is open on Christmas. I typicall go to Tony Cheng's upstairs which is decent.

        Ping Pong Dim Sum
        900 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

        1. I would consider taking some taxis over to Sichuan Pavilion on K Street. It's maybe a 5 minute ride. A bit nicer atmosphere and good food.

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            I second Sichuan Pavilion. It's my favorite Chinese in the city.

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              I second this recommendation. Or you can take the red line there.

              This is where I will be on Christmas!

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                Third. I live in Chinatown and I go to Sichuan Pavilion.

            2. Second Chinatown Express, though with the caveat that generally the Chinese food within the District limits is "decent" at best. Not sure where you're from, but if you're expecting NY or San Fran quality, you're not going to get it here.

              I found Ping Pong Dim Sum's food to be okay, but the concept to be poorly executed and the service disorganized (disorganization being one of the worst disadvantages you can have at a dim sum place, IMHO). This is especially true with larger parties. Went there once with a larger party and they seriously could not keep track of what our orders were. Several dishes were just straight up missing, and there were about 5 people trying to serve our table, they had about 3 different sheets of paper with incomplete listings of our order on them... it was just a giant clusterf*ck. Maybe if they're open, the traffic won't be too high at the restaurant and then they'll be able to concentrate (really hard!) on getting stuff right.

              Yikes, sorry to be so negative!

              Chinatown Express
              126 Carroll Island Rd, Baltimore, MD 21220

              Ping Pong Dim Sum
              900 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001