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Dec 13, 2010 10:48 AM

Best Mail-Order Crab Cake?

OK, I KNOW these won't be as good as those made at your favorite crab shack, but these are for people who live in Arizona and will never get to the Chesapeake Bay area. I have a severe shellfish allergy so I can't taste-test but I know that this board is filled with people who will generously guide me...

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  1. I can't personally attest to the mail order version, but the crab cakes in the restaurant are pretty good & not made with too much filler. You have to call to place the order instead of doing it online.

    Happy ordering for your lucky, lucky friends!

    1. So funny I am seeing your post now. Just finished watching the "Today Show" that I taped from
      this morning and heard Kathy-Lee telling a story to Hoda about how she had some good friends stop by to drop off a XMAS present for her last nite and happened to mention how she warmed up some crab cakes she had from "Costas" along with making a salad etc. Anyway, I googled it shortly after and found the website and bookmarked it for future reference thinking what a great gift this would make.

      Their in Baltimore, Md. and offer mail order. You may want to check on that "chow board" just to see what other hounds may have to say about this place. Hope this helps. What a great gift and I agree...some very lucky friends! Good luck!

      1. The Narrows Restaurant in Grasonville, MD will overnight ship their fresh, Jumbo Lump crab cakes anywhere in the US. These are arguably the best crab cakes you will find in Maryland. Order their cream of crab soup while you are at it.