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Dec 13, 2010 10:43 AM

Ft. Lauderdale New Year's Eve Recs

Flying in to town that morning and won't have time to scope out the area. Anyone recommend something good between Dania and North Ft. Lauderdale? We like a variety of foods so not looking for anything specific. A nice atmosphere or view would be enjoyable. Thanks!

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  1. By looking on this Board, Candela and Himmarshee look interesting. Market 17 looks good too but kinda of pricey. Are the petite portions really small? Yolo also looks good but I hate when they don't put prices on the website menu. Thoughts?

    1. Depends what kind of NYE night you want. A nice dinner out before midnight, a good restaurant to be at at midnight, a fun party atmosphere with entertainment, etc.

      Everyone raises their prices or has a mandatory prix fixe so it's hard to give opinions not knowing more of what your looking for.

      In regards to your options below, I've never been to Candela, so can't comment, knowing it's location and reputation I would say it would be calm on NYE, but I'd check to see if they have a prix fixe offering.

      Himmarshee is in one of the most crowded and rowdy areas for NYE, they do a ball drop in the area, as well as many of the bars are near there, so on that night, I would probably avoid it, unless you want to be around a younger rowdier crowd.

      Market 17 will probably be a more sophisticated crowd and they are offering both ala carte and prix fixe menu for NYE, free champagne at midnight. It is a tad pricey, but delicious and worth it. And everything is farm fresh and organic so you are paying a bit more for the quality. In regards to petite portions, I feel only the fish are too small, but a normal size portion of fish is only 7-8 oz, so a petite is about 4oz. so it makes sense it has to be smaller. But on meats and game, you get a decent size of 6-7oz for the petite. However they sides that accompany the plates are plentiful. Just depends on your appetite. The petites are for lighter appetites or for those that want to create their own tasting menu.

      Yolo will probably be slammed on NYE and have a good crowd, and fun atmosphere, they have two lounges that you could be at after dinner. But it will be CROWDED. I'd book now if this is where you decide. I'd assume they have an ala carte menu on NYE, but I would call to see.

      I'd also look around to see what Steak 954 at the W and 3030 Ocean are offering on NYE, they may be a good option.

      3030 Ocean
      Harbor Beach Resort Marriott, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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        thanks for a great response! I booked a reservation for Himmarshee before I read this though. Its for 8pm so I'm hoping the crowd won't be too rowdy at that point. We plan on eating and leaving the area to ring in the new year elsewhere.

        Market 17 and Yolo will definately be on our list while we are in town.