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Dec 13, 2010 09:51 AM

To buy: food processor

Where is the best place to find food processors in downtown Toronto? And is it possible to get one for around $40??

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  1. Try Kitchen Stuff Plus, I remember seeing small ones for about $50.

      1. If it sells for $40, it probably costs $6 to make. Maybe you should consider a good used processor.

        1. I am in the market for a small food processor too that is decent. They have a "mini" one at Costco for $36 but it seems more like a mini "food chopper/grinder" vs. a real food processor although that might just be my limited knowledge on these type of products...

          1. First, in my opinion, it is NOT possible to buy a worthwhile food processor for $40.00 - but then, I don't think it's worth buying anything below a 10-12 cup Cuisinart, Braun, or Kitchen Aid - go big, or go home, frankly.

            You can find cheaper ones, but they will do a lousy job, break, etc... The question is, what do you want a food processor for ? What do you want to do with it ? That said, I once had a Starfrit manual chopper, and it was great for chopping vegs for tuna salad/chicken salad, that sort of thing.

            I really like Caynes Housewares, but they are not downtown. Find what you want and wait for it to go on sale somewhere is your best bet. Dinetz is my fav downtown kithen store, but they are not cheap (excellent VALUE, just not CHEAP). You might try Tap Phong on Spadina, but I have no idea if they carry food processors.

            Tap Phong
            360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA