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Dec 13, 2010 09:26 AM

If you could only eat one meal in London...

and price was not a consideration, where would it be (for the food quality)? And why?

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  1. The Ledbury or The Square. At both, you will have impeccably prepared food and excellent service.

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    1. Le Gavroche for me. It might be old school in some ways, but the food is superb and front of house has always been immaculate when I've been there. Magnificent wine list with prices to match.

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      1. re: Al Toon

        Agree - must be the best wine list in London which is a serious consideration if you are only eating one meal (although the OP's requirements are noted)

      2. barrafina is my favourite option these days. the food is great and i like the atmosphere/style of the place. a late lunch with slow grazing through into the afternoon would be blissful.

        1. Dim Sum at Royal China for me. I have not been able to find dim sum (let alone of the top-notch kind) anywhere else in the South (where I live).

          1. My g/f and I went to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in London (the restaurant with the course meal), we expected it to be really good but it ended up being both of our's favorite dining experience. Everything we had ordered on the course menu was exceptional

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              Launceston Place, Ledbury or the lunch deal at Le Gavroche.

              If you can travel (an hour and a half by train and cab) the Sportsman at Seasalter.