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Dec 13, 2010 09:10 AM

What kind of rice is used in rice flour?

I've just started grinding my own flours and I am wondering what kind of results I can expect from different types of rice whether brown basmati, short grain, arborio, etc. With their varying starch contents I think there will probably be quite a lot of variation.

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  1. I would imagine for Chinese Cantonese applications....

    Short Grain Glutinous or Jasmine

    1. (Sam would have known this.)

      1. Standard rice flour is made with regular white long grain rice.

        1. What about brown rice flour?

          And how might flours made from various different rices behave when cooked?

          I mean, I know that brown rice winds up much more granular than white but what about within different kinds of brown rice? Will the varying starch contents affect things dramatically?