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Best brands of frozen chicken nuggets?

Okay, so I know it's not culinary masterpiece material, but I am curious on thoughts of the best tasting frozen chicken nuggets out there. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a full time job and chicken nuggets is definitely one of his favorite things to eat. I know I could cut up real chicken and bread it in panko (which I swear I'll do one of these days) but I still always try to keep a bag in the freezer for quick meals when we get home from day care. I bought the Whole Grain Perdue and it was awful!! I've tried the weaver, perdue, tyson, etc, and finally went to checking labels to ensure that my choices were at least somewhat good for my child. I did some comparison of sodium/ fat content and have now been sticking to the Fast Fixin's brand. Lucky enough, they are actually cheaper than some of the alternatives and taste pretty good. All white meat, etc.

I'm curious on thoughts from other parents out there (or nugget lovers) on brands that might be off my radar which I could try out for him. Thoughts??

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  1. A few folks I know really like Bell and Evans breaded chicken patties, and I've tasted them. Nothing to compare them to (I'm not a nugget consumer), but they were decent. I know they make nuggets, too, or tenders at least, I've seen them in the freezer section.

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      I will second the Bell and Evans. Only problem with them is the price. At $7.99 (Wholefoods) for the box, there's approx. 10 pieces in there. That's nearly $1 a nugget!!!

    2. I'm not sure that they are as quick as many of the nuggets, but when we've had gatherings with a number of kids, I've done the Barber brands chicken fingers. I don't buy them regularly for my kids -- but they are pieces of actual chicken breast (funny -- the actual first ingredient) -- and tasted much better than nuggets I've had elsewhere.

      They have raw chicken in them though -- so you need to cook thoroughly. I have not compared the nutritional info, however, since this is more a party treat around here.

      My kids are older and generally can eat what and when we eat. I remember the picky toddler stage though -- good luck!

      1. Trader Joe's. They don't use as many odd ingredients and are far less expensive than Bell and Evans, which are also good.

        1. I haven't had a lot of experience with the real kind, but if you ever want to go the other way, I love Quorn fake chicken nuggets. They're based on fungi rather than soy, and in the box, the nuggets have three shapes: round, oblong, and Minnesota. :D

          1. Another vote for Bell and Evans.

            1. I LOVE chicken nuggets, and as a college student, I eat them far more than I would care to admit to :D. But, rather than purchasing them (because honestly, none of them are really any good), I make them in bulk. I buy a bunch of chicken and usually double or triple a recipe. I make them, bake them, bag them, and freeze them. Whenever I want some nuggets, I toss a couple on a plate in the micro, heat them up and enjoy. I far prefer them, as they do not taste anything like the ground chicken ones they sell at the grocery.

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                I admire your industriousness! But for the record, Bell and Evans uses whole chunks of chicken in their tenders and nuggets. In a pinch, if I ate nuggets (I don't, not ever), they're the ones I'd choose.

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                  Where do you find Bell & Evans?

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                    Here in suburban NY, in every supermarket. Natural food stores usually have them, too.


                    Click on the link to nutrition info. Pretty short ingredient list, and not too carby, plenty of protein.

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                      I'm in Northern CA, the only place I've found them is Wholefoods and they are expensive.

                2. Foster Farms Crispy Chicken Strips are very good and are my kids' favorites. I've even had a couple of parents phone me and ask what chicken nuggets/strips we served because their kids came home saying how good they were. They are expensive at $9.99/bag but they use rib meat and no hormones or steroids. My 12 yr old daughter is very picky when it comes to chicken nuggets and if she breaks it open and it looks overly processed she turns up her nose.