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Dec 13, 2010 07:57 AM


For a restaurant who's name means roast, they need to get a handle on their fire. Shrimp were undercooked but charred as was the deliciously sounding burger my husband ordered. So charred that's all you taste.

There are things I'd go back for, the pizza's looked really great. Lots of little dishes to share. We did share a pasta that was delicious. As is the case IMO it depends on what you order in most restaurants whether or not it is great.

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  1. We have tried it twice with mixed experiences. The salad is delicious and the lamb chops were exceptionally good. The pasta, however, was very heavy and not appealing, and the roast-- one HUGE pork roast that tasted like it had been simmering all day (not a good thing). They have a section of the menu with these enourmous roasts to be shared by 4 or 5. Frankly, when I go to a restaurant I prefer to order my own dish or share many choices. I would definitely not order it again. The spices didn't appeal to me and it was rather boring. The meat dishes do not come with any side dishes, everything is a la carte. The wood fired brick oven looks nice, I know they use it for the pizzas but I'm not sure if any of the meat is cooked in it.

    I will wait a while before giving it another try. The waitstaff is just gettting their barrings.

    1. This is interesting to me. We've eaten there 3 times since it has opened. Once with a group of 6, and the other times as a couple. We've had nothing but terrific, helpful and organized service. My husband and his friends loved the lamb so much, they ordered 2. That said, they've changed it a bit to a mixed grill and now that doesn't appeal to him. The roasted root vegetable salad was unusual and tasty. It was very unexpected- in a good way. The pizzas are very good. I had the sweet potato gnocchi and thought that was very good, too. Of all the meat or chicken we had, I don't recall anything tasting charred. I wonder why you had that experience? Did you mention anything to the server or manager?
      I really like everything about Arrosto- except the guy at the front of the house who I find to be a major grouch and not welcoming at all. That's a turn-off to me when you enter a restaurant.

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        I agree with you about the front of the house guy. I thought possibly it was because we were just two and probably those larger orders are easier to cook properly over the 10 ft. high fire. However you said you were also there as a couple. We did tell our server that we thought the foods were really charred and of course, he apolgized. Would definitely try it with a group, I think that is the way to go. Or as a couple, I'd stick to the pizza.

        1. re: Doreen

          Doreen- In thinking about it, I realize that we have mostly eaten more "straight-forward" stuff when there as a couple, but we definitely had meats, etc...maybe an off night when you were there? That's too bad, b/c I think it has a lot to offer and a lot of promise. And, it shouldn't matter of you are only 2 people. Lots of people go out as 2.
          It is certainly fun w/ a group b/c you can order a whole variety of things to try. I'm so sorry that you didn't really love it the way we did. I just think it's a great addition to the area for casual, fun dining. Would be interested to know your thoughts if you went back another time.

          1. re: MRS

            went last night and overall I would go back. we did not try the roasted items. we were greeted by 3 very happy people--2 ladies and one older gent that was the most gracious of the 3 so maybe he read the above post that said he was a grouch (or maybe its a new host). Bread basket was great. We had 3 small plates & 2 sides as antipasti. All were super tasty especially the arrancini & the balsamic glazed sunchokes. for entrees we shared 3 "small" plates of pasta and 1 pizza marg. the pizza was very tasty but was very limp in the center and only crispy around the edges. the pastas were FANTASTIC. we had the bucatini, the tag & the cassarecci. the desserts were ok (both were just way to sweet--peanut butter choco bar & nutella in a jar thingy), the cheese plate was very nicely done. honey, almond brittle, preserves, toast points...OVERALL: gread addition to the county. would go back in a heartbeat for the small plates and pastas. portions were generous. pizza needs work. pasta maker deserves a raise. service still needs work but it wasn't awful either--just not polished. very attractive rooms. not crazy expensive. with drinks for 4 and 2 bottles of decent wine bill was just under $280 and we had leftovers of pasta. all 4 of us big eaters were stuffed.

      2. I thought they did a great job considering they have only been open a short time..We started with a sampling of the appetizers. The arancini and tuna crudo were very lovely. . I had the grilled shrimp with pork belly it was outstanding and the pizza was some of the best i've ever had.The array of pastas looked superb. I am dying to try them next time.Nice to go to a restaurant where you don't get hammered with the bar bill..This place is a great addition to Port Chester and will be around for a long time I hope.

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          Do try the sweet potato gnocchi- we thought it was terrific!!

          1. re: MRS

            Hit it again for dinner with a larger group. The pizzas were much better this time around. The pancetta with arugula & apples is now a must get appetizer. Phenominal. The mortadella chunks on the meat platter were amazing. The bolognese came with fettucuine instead of pappardelle but the person that ordered it didn't mention it to the server. The 3# lobtser was shared by 2 of us. It was perfectly cooked--not overdone at all. Nice woody flavor. Excellent value we all said. Still have not tried the meats but it seems as if they are getting the hang of the fire. Service is friendly but they still need to work on maybe training the staff on the menu items and ingredients. They are eager to please and effiecient but they should be more knowledgeable: pine nuts are not small peanuts and lardo is not just white fat...
            Overall another great experience. Port Chester is food-mecca!

            1. re: cubanat

              we've been there three times, samples a lot from the menu, really like this place, a lot

              1. re: intrepid

                I have to agree i have been to ARROSTO abt 9 times .The specials and the menu changes have been superb, Pizzas are the best in westchester and the place always seems to be mobbed on weekends. Real nice buzz..Service Ive found to be superb every time..hope these guys stick around for awhile..A big plus is the parking for abt 200 cars as well..

                1. re: pjk1960

                  When was the last time you ate there? I'm very curious because the general consensus, including the fact that it's being shopped for sale, indicates it has really gone downhill since it's start. Our last few meals there were true disappointments and we loved the place when it first opened.

                  1. re: MRS

                    ate there last 2 fri nights..had the grilled oysters and then the tuna and line caught cod..also had salami pizzas.others had eggplant parm and was really think theyre being shopped didnt seem like it?

                    1. re: pjk1960

                      there must be two Arrostos.

                      We found the food average at BEST, and the service utterly amateurish and distracted ranging to indifferent.

                2. re: intrepid

                  Husband and I went, for the first time, for lunch a few months ago. We shared a (wonderful) clam pizza and some other smallish dish, had fine service and enjoyed very much. Then went back a few weeks ago with friends in the evening, probably on a Friday. We all shared a bunch of appetizers and, eventually, a full pasta order -- and dessert and coffee. It also was a terrific experience. Possibly, some of the wait staff are better than others -- and maybe the small dishes are better than the big ones ??

          2. I should have learned by now to not trust Westchester Magazine.

            There is something about this place that makes me WANT to like it, but they do much to convince me that's a bad idea.

            Service was friendly, but amateurish - slow to make first contact, asked to take order without remembering he'd never read specials or taken drinks order. People who dropped off food were not the people who took the order so asking at that point for another drink or condiment resulted in being ignored.

            The food was decent at best, but mostly bland and inconsistently cooked. Overcooked shrimp and clams in the same dish with undercooked monkfish, all swimming in over salted broth.
            Strangely salty pizza crust.

            and all at moderately high prices.
            I don;t know WHO wants to go and share a 64oz steak or roast. Is there REALLY an audience for that? Enough to base a restaurant on? I guess we'll see.

            on the whole extremely disappointing.