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Dec 13, 2010 07:26 AM

Nice steakhouse in Bucks County area?

We need to get a gift for a couple who lives in Richboro. They are definitely not the adventerous eating type, more of the meat and potato type, but I would love for them to experience a nice steakhouse or something with higher quality food than they are used to.

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  1. I'm not a meat and potatoes guy - my parents cured me of that by serving it all the time! However, I have some friends who are and who like Earl's in Peddler's Village. I've never been there but my steak-loving friends claim that it's very good.

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      FYI, Earls has changed their format and is down playing steak. They still have a ribeye, ny strip and filet on the menu. They also have small plates and lower cost dishes.

      Other options might include Marsha Brown's in New Hope, set in an old Church Building. Some people like it, others are not as crazy about it. Its a "New Orleans" style steak house. In Newtown the Temperance House does an ok steak, but haven't been there for years. Copperleaf Grill in Buckingham does meat over a wood fire and is a BYO.


      Send 'em to Na Brasa in Horsham. There have to be a few things there they will love. Classy enough, but not as expensive as a Morton's ,,