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Dec 13, 2010 06:07 AM

Butchers in Maryland close to MoCo NoVa ok too

Are there any good butchers - or any, period? I used to go to Gladhills in Damascus. Are there any places to go? I am not really willing to go to Baltimore. Just too far for my purposes.

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  1. Laurel Meat Market in Laurel, MD. It's on Main Street and if you see the big cow out on the sidwalk... that means their open for business. They have a web-site and will take orders by phone. Found them to be very personable offering good quality special cuts. 301-725-5855

    Main Street Cafe
    317 Main St, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

    1. Wagschall's in Spring Valley

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        Wilson's Meat Farm in Catlett, VA is the best place to get excellent beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. Cash only though