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Dec 13, 2010 05:46 AM

Diabetic/Sugar-free jams and snacks?

I have to buy a gift for a diabetic who loves jams and jellies. Any idea where I could find an assortment of sugar-free, gourmet products?

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  1. There is at least one type of sugar free jam at Marché Des Saveurs Du Québec, JTM.

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    1. re: sinjawns

      thanks! Going to hit the market shops on Sunday.

      1. re: C70

        While you are there, C70, also pick up a package of Italian sugar-free (senza zucchero) cookies at Capitole - at the market - or Milano (very close by on St-Laurent). Don't know if I'd call them gourmet - they are plain, slightly-sweet biscuits to have with coffee or tea - but can be the kind of homey thing someone might crave.

    2. In many supermarkets you will find the St-Dalfour brand. They are 5$ for a 250ml jar but the worth each cents....
      I am not diabetic but there are so good that I always use them.

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        PA puts those on special from time to time. - three stores - avenue du Parc and Laurier, av du Fort (west end of downtown between Concordia and Dawson) and boulevard Samson in Laval. I keep concentrated sugar to a minimum for other health reasons, but they are just damned good.

        These jams do contain some sugar in terms of calculations, as they are sweetened with concentrated fruit juice. Evidently that causes less of an insulin spike IANAD and perhaps more important, they don't contain as many grams of sugar as normal jam.

        Along the same lines are the Solo Fruit sorbets, sweetened only with concentrated fruit juice, and low in grams of sugar.

      2. Also try Gourmet Laurier, on the south-west side of Parc and Laurier. I saw nice gourmet sugar-free jams as well as other sugar-free foodie gifts there the other day.