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Dec 13, 2010 05:33 AM

Vintage port gift ? 1994 Dows, or Fonseca 1983? or Grahams Malvedos 1998- ?

For a gift I'm wondering if anybody can a suggest an esp. good vintage port . He favors lush, deep, rich, dark. He likes Grahams Malvedos. For drinking now. Up to $150. I read that 1994 year was overall great but I'm not sure and want to get the best one I can. Thank you!
PS I can get a deal on Graham Malvedos 1998 - anybody know it?

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  1. For rich, dark and deep 2007 springs to mind. I tried Dow's, Warre's and Graham's against each other a few weeks ago; Dow's was my favourite, but none of them would disappoint. As you go back, vintage port mellows and the ripe fruit fades to dried fruit and nuts which doesn't sound like his cup of tea.

    1. Thank you - 2007 is fully drinkable now?

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        Total infanticide, but I agree with Steve that it sounds like he enjoys younger ports.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          Fully drinkable and with full blown fresh fruit, not dried and nutty like a mature one.

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            A bit of that will depend on the palate of the taster. My wife likes her VP's on the young side. Really glad that she does, as she got to greatly enjoy part of my case of Taylor-Fladgate '85. It was highly touted, upon release, and I did like it, but it has never fulfilled the promise to me. Good, but not great - at least not yet. Over the years, she's sneaked into the cellar, and "scored" a bottle, every now and then. In its youth, she really, really enjoyed that wine, and probably got more from it young, than I will, as it approaches 25 years of age. Joy is where you find it.

            She also has not found the love in Montrachets from the early '90s, or Rieslings from the '70s, as I have. She pretends to really enjoy them, but I think that a few have been poured into the plants!


        2. Some argue the 94's are still too early, although the 100 WS score is a teaser. An 85 Warre or Graham is a safe bet for drinking now, a little over $100. An '07 VP is robbing the cradle.

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            Taylor '94 a couple of nights ago was surprisingly approachable, but it's only going to get better, and not quickly.

            1. re: Veggo

              I had the '94 Fonseca and Taylor-Fladgate upon release, and bought a case of each. Tasted them later at the last WS event (when they got co-wine-of-the year) in SF. Really good, with tons of promise. I've popped a couple, and still felt that they were no where near "ready," but then what do I know? Have not thought about them for some years now, and probably ought to try one of each, just in case. I was thinking about 2020, but might not live that long... what to do???? I have no children to leave that stuff to, so probably should drink 'em up, regardless. Maybe a great round of golf, a catered meal, the Fonseca and Taylor, then some Cubans with a Taylor-Fladgate 20 year Tawney? That could be made to happen, and my nephews and niece would be none the wiser. [Grin] Actually, only one gives a whit about serious wines, and he'd be happy with what he gets.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  I am very interested in hearing from those youngsters who have uncorked the "perfect" '94's. Bill, you and I regret equally that we will not live to appreciate them at their best.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    Sad, but true. I will not live long enough to enjoy some wines. That is why I do not really get excited about the recent VP's, the Bdx, and may even curtail my Insignia releases. I have no children to leave the cellar to, and need to get to drinking, while I still breath.


              1. I totally agree that opening a 2007 now is 'infanticidal', but it suits what has been asked for much better than a mature vintage. All the 07s I tried were explosively fruity, thick, rich.
                "Too young" yes, but only if you like them old.

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                1. re: Steve_K

                  Right - and there are people who make a practice of drinking "young" - I think more prevalent in the USA than UK. (giftee is UK)

                  1. re: jochaima

                    The "consume young," does seem to be more likely in the US. Maybe it's just that I find more older VP's in the UK, and there does seem to be a greater census, that appreciates the older vintages there. Might just be where I hang out, here and there.


                2. I would opt for the Fonseca in that case. The others are good VP's, but IMHO the Fonseca would be above the others.