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Dec 13, 2010 03:52 AM

Need dinner ideas for before a show (to cook before show and eat after show)

I'm having my family over Dec 26th for dinner after we see Memphis on Broadway. We're about 10 people and we're seeing a 3PM show. We should be home by 6PM, where I would like to just have to reheat dinner while we snack on apps and drinks. What can I make ahead of time that won't lose its juiciness, flavor, and tenderness?

I would imagine that fish can only be made to serve, so I could do a salmon ... but what meat? Are there any tender roasts? I love pulled pork, but we're Jewish and my family won't eat it. Anything similar in the beef dept?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What about a great boeuf bourguignonne? Or, you could certainly do a shredded beef sandwich, or pulled chicken, but a one-pot meal's your best bet. Osso Bucco would be delicious; you could prep two days before (and yes, I know it would have you working on C.Eve day, but would save a passel of trouble for the day of your dinner) and make a risotto that you cook until JUST underdone, layer into a pan and bring up when you're ready to serve by doing a quick saute with wine and a little more broth. You could do Italian Short ribs w/ baked polenta; that also would keep beautifully and reheat nicely, as would a Moroccan-spiced short rib with a couscous pilaf.

      1. How about a traditional Chicken Pot Pie ? (I was going to say Tourtiere as that is our family holiday season not-turkey meal, but just in time remembered that the all-beef versions are not as good as the pork versions). The nice thing about meat pies of any kind is that they are very forgiving of YOUR time constraints. Just add a salad a d your done!

        1. If it was me I would make a slowly cooked beef chuck roast. You can either brown it first, or put it in raw on top of some cut up onion, celery and carrot, add a bit of water or stock and cook it at around 250F.

          You could throw it in around noon or even earlier. Just before you leave for the theatre you could add a bunch of veggies - potatoes, turnips, carrots, any root vegetable works great and leave it in while you are gone.

          When you get back, all the meat and veggies should be done then you can choose how to serve it. You can make a quick gravy with the liquid in the pan and serve over the vegetables. I know it sounds simple, but it's usually really delicious and the meat falls apart.

          The other option is to do the same type of thing, omit the carrots and celery in the pan - use only onions and a can of tomatoes (diced works well). Spice the meat with things like coriander, garlic, ground cumin, etc. Let it roast at 250 - 275F - put in about the same time as the previous recipe. Just before you leave add - some peppers (lots of colour works best - red, green, yellow, orange), and some sliced jalapeno or serrano peppers and leave it to cook while you are at the show. When you return home, stir fry up some more sliced peppers and onions, take the roast out of the oven and shred it up in the pan with the juices, tomatoes, etc. Warm some tortillas in the oven - and voila' you have delicious fajitas with little work after you get home. We will be serving this on boxing day at our open house. I bought a three-pot slowcooker and that will be in one of the pots! Hope that at least gives you some inspiration.

          1. Will they eat shellfish? if so, seafood gumbo works well for reheating. In fact, it's actually better.