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Dec 13, 2010 03:38 AM

Cooking Class in Portland Maine Area

I am looking for a cooking class that I can give as a gift to friends in the area. Does anyone have recommendations for a one day or evening class? I am considering the Camden Bed and Breakfast but am not sure they would be up for the whole weekend in Camden. Is there anything else in the area?

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  1. Not sure if she's still doing it but the Sea Grass Bistro in Yarmouth does/did offer classes a couple of times a month. It's no longer on the web site but might be worth a call. .
    There's also The Black Tie Co. in Portland I've been to events that they have catered and the foods been pretty good.

    1. Black Tie has a whole bunch of topical classes scheduled here: Looks like they're held at a range of locations in Portland and a few at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester--

      Black Tie Market & Bistro
      1 Union Wharf, Portland, ME 04101

      1. For friends that are interested in raw food there's Girl Gone Raw (, and Stonewall Kitchen ( teaches traditional cooking classes at their facility in York.

        While not quite cooking classes, Wine Wise ( and Maine Foodie Tours ( might also be worth checking out as gift ideas.

        Stonewall Kitchen
        2 Stonewall Ln, York, ME 03909

        1. Lindsay Sterling of Immigrant Kitchens also runs monthy international cooking classes in Freeport:

          1. Stephen Lanzalotta (the baker at Micucci) gives cooking classes. Never been but here's the link.