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Dec 12, 2010 08:33 PM

Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor--unimpressive

I've been wanting to try a truffled cheese for a while, so I bought a piece of Truffle Tremor from Berkeley Bowl today. It definitely didn't make me tremble. I didn't taste much truffle at all, though I could see the specks. It smelled a bit like blue cheese and tasted a bit like it too, but I would rather be eating Point Reyes blue instead.

Is Truffle Tremor really that good, or did I just get a lousy piece? Should I go to a real cheese shop and try again? Also, what are some other good truffled cheeses? I'm too poor to buy truffles, so I hope to experience an impression of it through the cheeses.

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  1. There was an Italian shop in town that sold truffled buffalo mozzarella. It was absolutely mind blowing. Usually used it in a caprese salad or pizza. I've tried a few firmer cheeses truffle but the flavour never permeated the cheese that well.

    Off topic but I've used a few bottled truffles and what not and finally found an oil that has that pungent truffle aroma that I missed. Colavita Truffolio, I've always used their regular EVOO so I gave that one a shot and have been extremely impressed.

    1. I agree. The truffles don't seem to add anything worthwhile to the cheese. Don't let that put you off other Cypress Grove cheeses, though. Humboldt Fog and Midnight Moon are definitely top drawer.

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          1. Rememberting this thread is the reason I bought Truffle Tremor just today at Sonoma Market. Even when I first took it out of the fridge to warm up I liked it. Maybe it was the wedge you got or maybe it's just not for you. I've been a fan of Humboldt Fog for a long time. Glad to try another.