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Dec 12, 2010 05:33 PM

I'm turning 30 in two weeks - Bk venue brainstorm?

-Celebrating with 15ish people coming from Manhattan, Wburg, Slope, Carroll Gdns.
-Ideally, this happens somewhere in one of those BK neighborhoods. (Or Ft. Greene. Or DUMBO.)
-Cuisine type not especially important. (Maybe farm-to-table? Maybe not Chinese.)
-Mostly looking for a fun, casual atmosphere with entrees circa $15-25.

Let me acknowledge that this is an incredibly broad post, but I thought it couldn't hurt to open the door to helpful free associations. If you were in my shoes, where would you throw this kind of thing?

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  1. Barn/Farm on flatbush. Good farm to table-ish food and a great bark.

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    1. re: phuh3

      I just had my first meal here and thought that it was quite good, though possibly a bit small for a group of 15ish and very likely pushing the OPs budget range.

      Without going into the entire experience, we generally thought the food was quite good but pricey and the service was abysmally slow.

      Also in case you are tempted to order the "Flatbush bread" as we were - don't. billed as naan it really was grilled pita with some pretty uninspired dips (for $15!).

      Depending on what night of the week you wanted to do this - ive been tempted to do something similar at The Brooklyn Inn in Boerum Hill/Carroll gardens which is a pretty cool neighborhood bar without food, but conveniently located just down the block from Mile End. Could require more coordination on your part but I would bet that if you called them with your requirements regarding number of people, amount you wanted to spend etc they could work with you to put together an order you could take to the bar yourself.

      Brooklyn Inn
      148 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

      Mile End
      97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    2. Aurora and Radegast in Williamsburg, Frankie's in Carroll Gardens.

      1. Some ideas, really good places that could do groups:
        The General Greene
        Frankies 457 Court Street Spuntino
        Vinegar Hill House

        Also an option is Roberta's, but for a group that large they make you get a "package deal" - all you can eat pizza, all you can drink beer / wine, large format items like whole pork butt or lamb shoulder, etc - but without knowing what people would be spending above just entrees, hard to say if it'd be worth it or not. You could do it as cheap as $40/pp for just pizza and beer.

        Whatever you do, get that reservation early...

        Frankies 457 Spuntino
        457 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

        261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

        The General Greene
        229 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

        Vinegar Hill House
        72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        1. I don't know what night you're talking about but with 15 people you can very likely book the entire wine cellar at Convivium Osteria on 5th Ave in Park Slope. The food is delicious, the price is right in line with your budget, and the basement wine cellar -- which seats a max of 22 or 23 people -- is one of the prettiest rooms in all of Brooklyn.

          Check it out -- you'll love it.

          Convivium Osteria
          68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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          1. re: Peter

            Forgot about Convivium - but yeah, I'll second that suggestion in a heartbeat (how I forgot, I don't know, since I lived down the block from them for four years...) - CO is one of the great local gems of Park Slope, and the wine cellar is super-cozy. Awesome idea.

          2. it's not that spacious but mesa coyoacan has great, reasonably-priced mexican food in a fun and lively environment. the drinks are great (although less reasonably priced) and there is a large communal table that seats 15.