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Dec 12, 2010 04:11 PM

ISO: The best sparkling cider.

I had a great sparkling cider at a networking event a couple of weeks ago, and in my frenzy, I had forgotten to ask for its name! I have an unfortunate allergic reaction to alcohol, so I usually feel pretty left out when everyone else is daintily dangling their wine glasses. So, if any of you kind folks out there can recommend me a nice sparkling cider for the holidays, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The one I drank was in a glass bottle with a white-silver label. The color was like white wine.


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  1. By the description of the bottle it could be Martinellis.

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    1. re: hal2010

      Thanks for the quick reply. I googled up the image, and it didn't look like Martinellis. The bottle looked clear and like regular alcohol bottles, but with a wider bottom.

    2. Any decent cider with low salt soda will do the trick. I call it the "faux" mossa.

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        Are there any brands you particularly like?

      2. Thanks all! I called the restaurant today and they said it was Archibald's Sparkling Cider. It's from a winery and apple orchid in Ontario.

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          Archibald's is in Bowmanville When I go to the racetrack I usually stay at a B&B close to them.

          I think everyone has that allergic reaction to alchol! :-)

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            I'm particularly unfortunate in the case of allergic reactions. My tummy turns red and I begin to look like well-marbled meat. You can clearly see the parts that are fat, where blood isn't circulating, and it stays white, whereas the rest turn bright red. My lips also go numb, and my heart beat speeds up. If there ever were signs to not drink alcohol, I think these would be it. :D

            I sent the lady at Archibald an email. Unfortunately, they only sell it there. So I'll probably have to have her ship some up.

            Thanks for posting the link!

        2. Strongbow? It comes in a can or clear bottle and widely available. It is IMHO one of the best commercial cider available in Canada. It is even better on tap.

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            But that's an alcoholic cider, and the OP is allergic to alcohol! :)

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                Haha. No worries. I wish I could enjoy it though.

          2. Cremant Cidrerie St-Nicolas is quite yummy and only has 2.8% alcohol. Sold at the LCBO.