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Dec 12, 2010 03:13 PM

Prime Rib seasoning and sauce suggestions

Going to make prime rib for Christmas dinner. Still debating the time and temp cooking options, but should be able to find good info on that thru the CH search feature.

What I'd like to know is your favorite seasoning recommendations and also any suggestions for an accompaning sauce of some sort that isn't au jus or horseradish? Love the latter, but would like to have an additional option that's a little more least for me! Thank you.

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  1. For the Prime Rib, I try to keep the seasoning simple so that the flavor of the wonderful cut can be enjoyed so I use a couple of dozen garlic cloves and freshly chopped rosemary.
    For a sauce, you might enjoy a Madeira wine sauce. Just combine the au jus with Madeira and a little Cabernet Sauvignon. Add some chopped rosemary and thyme to the mix. Reduce over medium low heat to your liking and strain before serving.

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      Nice, todao. My favorite preparation as of late has been a variation on Cat Cora's, with as many varieties of peppercorn as you can find coarsely crushed and combined with good mustard and some chopped tarragon and rosemary and used to coat the roast before a low/slow treatment. It comes out crusty, with a great flavor. Cumberland sauce is good with this, or just a simple port/rosemary reduction combined with the pan juices and finished with butter.

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        Any of those approaches would, iMO, be fantastic. I especially like the simplicity of the Port/Rosemary reduction you described. Mouth watering just to read it.

    2. Not novel, but how about Au Poivre....Cognac Cream and Crushed Peppercorns.

      1. The one I have been using is roasting a lot of garlic, rubbing on the prime rib and lot's of fresh ground garlic. Everyone loves it and it has great flavor.

        1. Well, I was going to suggest my grandmother's horseradish sauce, but maybe not until the next day, I guess. How about adding wine, reducing, and adding mustard and cream?

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            Yum! Love peppercorn, rosemary and wine so these sauce suggestions are tickling my tastebuds. Fourunder Au Poivre is novel enough to me since I've never made it; same goes for Cumberland Mamachef.
            Somervilleoldtimer there has to be horseradish and I'm hoping for leftovers for some great sandwiches the next day so I'd love your grandmother's recipe if you're willing to share.
            Thanks everyone!

            1. re: Island

              One of those things that is so easy it seems stupid. Just make a roux and add horseradish.

            2. Me, I like Montreal steak spice as a rub. As a gravy, I prefer Hunter's Gravy (sauce chasseur). As for cooking, I like to sear the roast (500F, 1 hour), let stand (or even overnight), then slice and finish on a charcoal grill. Not the typical, slow-roast, prime rib technique, but I love the charcoal!