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Dec 12, 2010 12:49 PM

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Dining

Does anyone have any suggestions on places to eat on Christmas Eve and possibly Christmas Day in greater Sydney? Not looking for anything fancy, just a good quality place. Not expecting a "traditional" meal or anything, just something low key. Probably some place that would accept solo diners too, would help. As always, much appreciated.

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  1. I think Christmas Eve will be fine in most places as it is a Friday and Monday and Tuesday are the official public holidays this year. For Christmas Day you may need to ring around or take pot luck depending on how low key you mean.

    in past years I found lots of places are open but anywhere good could be booked (and expensive), for example Bather Pavilion's second sitting (2:30 to 5:00) is sold out for both the restaurant ($275 + drinks) and cafe ($185 + drinks) . Obviously the beach location drives the popularity and price here but it is probably indicative of others.

    1. Did you find anything, BeanTownGolfer? I have had no luck finding a place to eat tonight -- most places are either horifically expensive or else totally booked out. If you found anything please do let me know -- I'm getting hungry!

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        If I were in Sydney, I'd be trying the chinese or thai places for xmas dinner. Haymarket area.

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          I didn't, unfortunately. Granted I was a bit hungover which took some of the motivation out of it.