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Dec 12, 2010 10:34 AM

Grill Marks on Steaks at General Consumer Restaurants

I am on deadline and need to confirm or get the correct information on this.

It is my understanding that the grill mark lines at most of the chain type or family steak houses are put there by using a press grill kind of like a Foreman.

Can anyone confirm or tell me how they do get the hatched lines on the steaks?

Thanks, Cyndi

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  1. All I can tr=ell you is Bonefish Grill does not use a press, just the actual grill the steaks are cooked on.

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        one chain doe not an industry standard make, so it's altogether possible (i daresay probable) that your original information was correct for *some* restaurants...though likely not at high-end establishments.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I hear that Outback uses a Sharpie. Unconfirmed, however.

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          Interesting topic for a piece; hope you'll link to it when done (if allowed)...

          1. Sounds like an urban legend. I worked at a chain type place where steaks were served (as a kid). They flipped them.

            Foreman is a machine.

            You might be mistakenly believing a press (to get something to cook quicker) is a marker.

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              Actually, I don't know. That's why I bounced it off here. I'm trying to decide how much time to spend on the research. If it's not common to press or brand etc the grill marks, that's fine. I won't spend an hour or so calling and checking. So, it is helpful to hear back either way.

              Thanks for the responses. I've never worked in a restaurant, so I don't know what goes on in the kitchen. Someone mentioned the marks were pressed in (and perhaps they are at this one place). I would not want to pass along misleading data or say something is common which is not.

              1. re: CyndiA

                I don't think that is all too common.

            2. There are high volume electric radiant grills that cook on both sides of the meat simultaneously.
              There are two different types of cooking equipment.. One is a grill and the other is a broiler. These are known as Clamshells or conveyor broilers. While it is possible some chain restaurants may use them...... I would say in reality, most chains actually do not......