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Dec 12, 2010 08:19 AM

Kielbasa & other German & Eastern European Sausages, Chicago Area

Where do you get your polish & other sausages? Who has the greatest Kielbasa? I don't mean eat-in places, I mean places to get sausages for taking home to cook yourself.

In Indy I would go to Klaus's Sausages and Meats; in Chicago I welcome suggestions.

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  1. Go to Paulina Meat Market first. Use that as a benchmark for other places.

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    1. re: gordeaux

      Thanks. Any other places within, say, 10 miles of Mag Mile?

      1. re: huiray

        Paulina is within 10 miles of Mag Mile and really easy to get to off the Brown Line. You take the Brown line headed to Kimball and get off at Paulina. I believe it is less than two blocks north of the stop on Lincoln and Cornelia.

        Another option would be Gene's Sausage Shop in Lincoln Square. Another easy jaunt on the Brown line (Kimball). Get off at Western and once you get out of the station, head towards the Square (go east through the open parking lot and then north on Lincoln). About a block or so. Lincoln Square is a really cute neighborhood to poke around in too.

      2. re: gordeaux

        Paulina Meat Market is great, although a bit expensive.

        There are plenty of great sausage/butcher shops all over the Chicago area! Here are a few:

        Kurowski's Sausage Shop Few English speaking patrons here, which ads to the character
        2976 North Milwaukee Avenue
        Chicago, IL 60618-7345

        Bari Foods
        1120 W. Grand Ave
        Chicago, IL 60622

        Alpine Food Shop Great subs and of course, great Italian Sausage and other meats.
        7538 W. North Avenue
        Elmwood Park, IL

        Riviera Italian Food and Imports Great old school 60+ year old deli/butcher, very inexpensive!
        3220 N. Harlem Ave
        Chicago, IL 60634

        Minelli's Meat & Deli Full Itailian Deli & Butcher, plus a few great ready made pastas/sauces from the owner's grandma.
        7900 N. Milwaukee Avenue Located inside the mall
        Niles, IL 60714

        Gilmart's Food & Liquor / Full Polish deli and butcher shop, excellent stuff! Very inexpensive.
        5050 S. Archer Avenue
        Chicago, IL 60632

      3. Try Bobaks or Celinas both on far southwest Archer Ave. Celinas also has two stores in Lemont.
        Celinas is Polish and Lithuanian Bobaks is mostly all Eastern European and both smoke all their own sausage. Since I live in Lemont I prefer Celinas but both are equally excellent. Celinas uses Polish on their labels and I have learned to understand what I'm looking for. They all speak english and are very helpful.

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        1. re: RayT

          Thanks. I'll keep these in mind if I'm in that part of Chicagoland.

          1. re: RayT

            Also Wally's on Milwaukee or Irving Park.

            1. re: igorm

              Thanks. I gather you mean this one on Milwaukee?
              Wally's International Market
              3256 North Milwaukee Avenue
              Chicago, IL 60618-5106

          2. Paulina Meat Market has quality meats but is very expensive. I recommend a very, very authentically Polish market with a great meat counter and tons of European imports. My wife is Polish and swears by its authenticity and quality.

            Andy's Deli
            5442 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
            Tel: (773) 631-7304

            Gene's is great, too. Gene's is more upscale.

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            1. re: jayh

              Andy's sounds very interesting! I read, however, that some folks (e.g. on Yelp) report that it is difficult if you don't speak Polish and that the place can be, um, unfriendly both inside and outside. Your guidance to me?

              1. re: huiray

                I think it's your point of view: to some it is difficult if you don't speak Polish, to others it is an adventure, to make your purchases seem more authentic. I am in the latter category.

                I have shopped at all the Andy's and Wally's. There was an Andy's at 3055 Milwaukee and another at 1737 Division. So if you are worried about the neighborhood of the one farthest north on Milwaukee, try one of these. I have shopped at all of them and do not know what the Yelpers are talking about.

                1. re: mexicophile

                  Of course. I would expect an adventure in such places, too - but lack of mutual comprehension is one thing, possible hostility is another. I'm sure the latter is misreported. I'll try to drop by one day.

                2. re: huiray

                  I am not Polish and have never had a problem at Andy's. The universal language is money. People there are nice if you are nice. Of course, I travel a lot and am used to communication challenges, which i view as part of the fun as the poster above says.

                3. re: jayh

                  Andy's Deli on N. Milwaukee is closed presently due to fire, their shop at 4021 W Kinzie is the alternative. I am told they hope to reopen the N Milwaukee store in maybe 2 weeks, very optimistically.

                4. Stiglmeier's has a huge selection of German meats, including authentic Nurnberger brats. They do not have a retail store although they do accept internet orders and phone/mail orders. I have lived in Germany, and these wursts, etc. are the "real deal".

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                  1. re: Mayor of Melonville

                    Interesting, Thanks!

                    They list their mailing address as a PO Box in Wheeling, north of Chicago. Are their products available in stores? (i.e. other stores, supermarkets, etc) I haven't consciously noticed their brand before in any store...

                    1. re: huiray

                      They do have some presence in local stores. I recall finding them in a specialty grocer in Flossmoor. I moved from Chicago in 2009, so I am not current on retail opportunities.