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Dec 12, 2010 07:50 AM

Tall tables...what is it with this?

I am used to tall (i.e., barstool height) tables in bars or lounges. Lately I perceive a proliferation of this even to higher end restaurants. The Starbucks in Miami has just added them, my Argentinian breakfast place also, as well as a more upscale restaurant in New Hampshire. Without starting intergenerational conflict, my thought is that this is geared to the younger population. Has anyone else noticed this "upward" shift in table size?

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  1. probably gets the customer out faster! They are not conducive to lingering.

    1. Oh, no; I think very low chairs are harder for oldsters to get out of. I notice most of these tables are relatively small, and the chairs more like stools that may or may not have backs. I have seen some, however, that are upholstered and have arms, and they're as comfy as you'd wish. And there's plenty of leg room, for the most part.

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      1. re: lemons

        Absolutely not. Regular height chairs are much easier for elderly people than elevated stools.

        When I'm eating out with my elderly parents and in-laws (I have many of them due to divorces and remarriages), we can't even consider the high stool-type tables because they can't hoist themselves up on the stool or if they can, they can't comfortably balance there and then they certainly can't hop down easily. They're not looking for extra leg room or more upholstery. They are looking for something that they can get in and out of easily with their compromised balance and creaky hips and knees.

        The fact that I come from a family of short people -- on all sides -- only adds to this. Bar stools are not easy on short people, even young short people, especially if the stools don't have foot rails that you can reach.

        1. re: taos

          Agreed. I am 5'4 AND 1/2", which makes me the tallest female in my nuclear family. Mom was 4'10" at her tallest and now, at 82, she is closer to 4'7". She does not need leg room (she actually uses a stepstool to look at the heating controls in the house ;)

          Whenever I eat out with her it must be a table. Her feet still don't usually hit the floor, but she can at least pull herself close enough to the table.

      2. I've noticed it mostly in bar&grill/casual dining places, or on the bar side of more upscale places.

        I'm conscious of it bacause I can't use them. I can sit at the bar if a rail, or, even better, a step is there to use as a footrest. But bar-height tables will have me getting up get back the circulation in my legs every 10 minutes or so!

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        1. re: brandywiner

          I'm in total agreement with you, b'winer. My feet hardly touch the ground when I'm on a counter stool. I'd never agree to sitting on a bar stool for an entire meal.

        2. 29 years old - and will eat somewhere else if the "hightop table/chairs" are the only seats available. .

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              I'm 4' 10 1/2" and absolutely hate them. Gee - I wonder why? ;-) I usually only see tall tables somewhere near the bar area. Not as the normal sit-down dinner experience.

              1. re: boyzoma

                I'm 5' even, and I hate, hate, hate high tables and chairs. There is not graceful way for me to climb on to the damn things and when getting off the chairs, I always feel like I'm jumping down.

                1. re: merkay

                  merkay - you said it exactly. And, if the stool or chair has a rung for your feet, it is NEVER at the right height for me. I feel like the Lilly Tomlin character "Edith Ann" swinging my feet!

                      1. re: boyzoma


                        I'm several inches taller than you, but a long way from tall...and you've described my thoughts exactly.

                  1. re: invinotheresverde

                    I'm tall too and love 'em but my 5'7" DH, not so much!