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Dec 12, 2010 07:48 AM

Buenos Aires - 3 nights, 4 choices!

I will be traveling to Argentina for a Patagonia vacation, and will be spending 3 nights in BA during this time. After some research, I have narowed down my restaurant choices to the following four choices:


Does one of these choices seem like it is less interesting than the other three, thus narrowing the list to match th number of dinners I have available? Is there a big experience I'll be missing by sticking to this list? FWIW, I had intended to include a parrilla, but while I'm not a vegetarian, I kind of get bored eating a big steak after a few bites. And, I figure I'll probably get this experience on another part of the trip.

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  1. I've been to BsAs a bunch, and while I haven't been to these places there's one I can strongly recommend going to Filo for pizza, and trying the Alle Patate pizza. It's beyond amazing.

    Also, check out Guido's (Palermo) or Carlito's (La Boca) for a truly unique dining experience. There's no menu, they just bring stuff out of the kitchen and ask if you want any. Take what you want and they'll figure out your bill at the end. The food is spectacular.

    And make sure you try Freddo, Persecco and Volta for helado. Have fun.

    1. A little late here so don't know if you've been & gone.

      Pura Tierra and Crizia are both excellent choices. I don't know the other two so can't say.


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        For Pizza -
        El Cuartito

        Talcahuano 93, Buenos Aires, Argentina (b/n Paraguay and Marcelo T. de Alvear;

        For lunch

        La Cabrea

        Seriously - those are the two places I wanted to back up and take back to the states with me!!

        1. re: yummyinmytummy

          el cuartito the worst pizza I have ever had(but that applies to most pizza places in BA) but great atmosphere

          1. re: manchesterian

            Not a fan of the pizza in BA. But the best pizza is at Piola. Nice thin crust, not the doughy over cheesed version.

      2. Chila in an unforgetable experience. Go for the tasting menu. My foodies well-traveled friend
        said one of the best meals he's ever had.

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          Before the trip gets too far from my memory I wanted to give a quick wrap up of where we ended up eating.

          We ate dinner at:


          Our favorite place was puratierra. Somewhat far from the main part of town but worth it. Of the three restaurants puratierra had a very authentic Argentinean feel and the food was delicious and not at all pretentious.

          Chila was also very Good.

          Tomo1 was disappointing. It felt like an expensive foodie tourist trap. The food ranged from mediocre to good and none of the dishes were as satisfying as the ones we ate at puratierra or Chila.

          Other meals:

          In Ushuaia we had a very satisfying and fun meal at Gustino.

          The lamb in Patagonia was the best we have ever tasted. In El Calafate we had outstanding all you can eat lamb at the ranch we stayed at el: Galpon del glaciar. The lamb shoulder in particular was probably the most memorable thing I ate in Argentina.

          I was looking forward to the Argentinean ice cream. We tried several of the recommend ice cream places including Volta. Perhaps it’s just my particular taste, but I didn’t like the Argentinean ice cream. For me it was too sweet. The concentration of sugar was too high, resulting in ice cream that coats your mouth in a sickly way. The weekend after we returned to California I tried some Ciao Bella Gelato in San Francisco. For me it was much better than any ice-cream I had in Argentina.

          1. re: Ridge

            The Patagonian lamb really is excellent. I think lamb is the best of what's on offer in Argentina these days. The quality of the beef continues to decline as the % of feedlots grows and the good stuff keeps getting exported.

            I also agree that the ice cream is too sweet. In fact, I think almost all of the desserts are too sweet. Usually, I just get the smallest available size and eat just a few bites, never right after a meal, and it really is very good in small quantities.

            Thanks for the report. :)