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Island Creek Oyster Bar- must eats besides oysters?

Everyone seems to rave that the oysters here are great. How about the other dishes?

Any "must try" entrees or appetizers?

How do they compare to B and G or Neptune? Again, not talking about the oysters.


Island Creek Oysters
296 Parks St, Duxbury, MA 02332

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  1. We had a killer fluke tartar, and enjoyed the oyster slider very much as well.

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      Fluke (Hirame) is a classic sushi fish. It is great in New England this time of year.

    2. Loved my lobster roll (though not as good as Neptune's warm one) and fried clams. Desserts were just amazing.

      1. Last night we had the day boat cod and the swordfish. Both were fabulous.


        1. The lobster roe noodles are incredible. If you don't mind eating fish whole (on the bone, whatever), try the whole black bass with buckwheat noodles in a lobster broth. Wow.

          The cider donuts sound pretty ordinary but they're anything but. Get them. Pumpkin cheesecake is pretty awesome too.

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            Both of those desserts were great, and the chocolate pudding was AMAZING. Sounds pedestrian, but it wasn't.

          2. Another vote for the fluke crudo and the cider donuts. The lobster roll is good, but no match for Neptune's hot buttered one IMO.

            1. I agree that the lobster is good but doesn't compare to Neptune. The fired clams are perfect, best I've had outside of a Cape or North Shore clam shack. The lobster roe noodles are incredibly rich and very delicious. Interestingly, the "no-shell" mussels in curry sauce was also really nice.

              And it's still oysters, but I had the oyster stew a couple nights ago and, wow.

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                I haven't had the lobster roll at Island Creek, I am curious, what specifically do you prefer about Neptune's lobster which classifies it as "doesn't compare".

              2. I had the Skate Wing over Black Rice and it was fantastic. My only complaint was they were a bit heavy-handed with the salt. I second others who commented about the Fried Clams. For dessert the Chocolate Pudding is really excellent. Don't miss it.

                1. I really, really like their seared scallops, massive beasts, juicy and tender. Give their clam chowder a miss, it's not the best rendition I've had. And most of their Fried section is good - try the fish sandwich, its a tour de force. Just reviewed the restaurant at http://restaurantbrat.com, check it out. Truth be told though, I would happily just go there and slurp 30 oysters for a meal. Those things are addictive.


                  1. There this weekend. The steamed littlenecks were excellent, as was the monkfish, the fried clams and the baked cod. Forget about the grilled sardines. No visible grill marks or taste, and about 80% skin and bones (well, they are sardines so I should have known). Desserts were very good- chocolate pudding, cookies and milk.

                    1. The fried cod cheeks were delicious when I went a few months ago.

                      1. I would add the Razor Clams if they still have them. Very delicous!!

                        1. A Few Great Things Amid Good

                          We've lived in boston for 40 yrs and eaten out a good deal.At ICOB all seafood was pristinely fresh.Good oysters, broad range. Scallops in the entree were among the sweetest i have ever ever had.Unfortunately, while their prep, with bacon, mushrooms,parsnips was most enticing, the ultimate affect lacked considerable punch. The lobster roe noodle dish was the best we had; top notch for succulence, though for good eaters,it is really an app.for sharing ; not big enough for an entree.Do NOT miss the biscuit. Huge, tender, succulent and glazed with honey;best biscuit i have ever had. Also an excellent, though untrad., jonnycake on the menu.Boring dessert and salad menu.And they need to add more inventive lime based cocktails.

                          While I loved loved loved the room's great interior design and the low noise level and spacious table placement (and they take reservations). I would return to Neptune much faster than ICOB. All about the food.:


                          1. Only went for the first time, so a limited perspective. I have to say, the oysters were far and away the strongest items of the menu -- they converted me from a 'oysters are ok' to a dedicated fan. The fried clams are good, but the portion is extremely small. The scallops are also good, but I have had better. The lobster was merely fine. I had soft shell crab -- from FL, since it's the beginning of the season, but fresh, which was excellent.