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Dec 12, 2010 07:08 AM

Best traditional meat pie (cipâte / cipaille) to buy in Montreal

I'm looking to buy the best traditionnal "home style" "tourtière" available in Mtl. I know Pied de Cochon makes some, and butchers and bakeries (Première Moisson, Pain Dore) makes them too. I haven't tried any of them and I'm looking for a sure shot. What's the best one you tried?

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  1. I think you're confusing a couple of different dishes. Cipaille or cipâte and touritère are not the same thing. The tourtière you'll find in restaurants, caterers, bakeries and butcher shops around montreal are meat pies. Cipaille, cipâte as well as tourtière du Lac St-Jean and tourtière du Saguenay are casseroles. Those are harder to find in the Montreal area. I only know of a couple of places that make tourtière du Lac / Saguenay. I don't remember ever seeing cipaille anywhere in the Montreal area other than at someone's house.

    So first off, what are you looking for exactly, cipaille / cipâte or tourtière? And if the answer is tourtière, are you looking for tourtière du Lac / Saguenay or regular tourtière (pâté de viande)?

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      First off, toutière doesn't exist anymore. "Meat pie" is what people refer to as ground meat in a pie crust, which is available everywhere, you are right. Cipate/cipaille is a casserole indeed, but I did see it sold as an extra thick pie (so you also have the sides and the bottom crust, as opposed to the traditionnal cipate/cipaille. The stuffing is made with different meats (pork, beef, veal, game and even chicken sometimes) and potatoes, in a thick sauce. That's the closest to the real thing if I don't want to make it myself. That's what I'm looking for, not a ground-meat pie. I should have been more specific.