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Best Local Honey for wedding favors

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I know nothing about honey and have clients that would like to give local honey as their wedding favors.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Red Bee Honey, assuming Wilton, CT is local to you and your clients.


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      x2 on red bee

    2. Here's a list of New Haven Area honey producers if that's your local area -

      Here's a list that covers basically all of CT -

      I buy from Sugar Maple Farms in Lebanon via the Farmers Market in New Haven; but I've bought Swords Into Plowshares in a pinch (it's in a lot of local and health food stores), and it's excellent.

      Good luck in your quest.

      1. If local is CT., I recommend checking out Three Sisters Farm, 11 Evans Lane, Essex, CT. Excellent loacl honey, beeswax candles, soaps, etc. Nice people, too.

        1. Jones' Honey out of Farmington, CT


          1. We love Andrew's local honey....