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Oxtail in Montreal

Does anybody know where I can find oxtail in Montreal? I've tried the usual supermarkets like Metro, Loblaws as well as Adonis but nobody can tell me where/if it's available.

I bought some in Halifax years ago and it made for the best beef broth I think I've ever had in my life...

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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw it once at Super C on St-Jacques near Cavendish - can anyone confirm?

    You could also try other supermarkets that serve a large West Indian clientele, as oxtail is popular in cuisines such as Jamaican and Trinidadian - perhaps some in Cote-des-Neiges?

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      Most Asian grocers will have oxtail. Depending on where you are, butcher shops may have it on hand. It does show up in regular supermarkets evey once in a while. Like kpzoo wrote, West Indian / Caribbean places stock it. If you're near St-Michel, I suggest you go to Iasenza on Bélanger at St-Michel. They stock a lot of harder to find stuff like goat, pig's heads and all types of offal. If you're on the south-shore, the meat section at Kim-Phat is a veritable wonderland of nasty bits.

      EDIT: Sorry, kpzoo, I meant to reply to the OP.

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        its also one of the staple used in pho. Asian groceries should have it.

      2. Most of the time you can get oxtail at:
        Adonis Market
        4601 Boul. des Sources,
        Roxboro, Quebec, H8Y 3C5
        Telephone : 514 685 5050
        Fax : 514 685 9268

        It may be found at the left hand side of the self-serve counter in the back right side of the building.

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          If Adonis doesn't have it, drive a block further down Sources and go to Marche Kim Hoa on the corner of Sources and Ross. That Asian store has is available.

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            I have also seen it at the Adonis in Côte Vertu and on Sauvé, which might be closer for you....

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              I don't know if I'm just imagining this since two of you are saying they have it at Adonis, but I think I've only ever seen veal tail there.

          2. As a few people mentioned, Asian markets. I saw and bought oxtail at KV in Chinatown and Kim Phat in Brossard. They sell them whole and ask if you want them cut, what size, etc. For broth, I like using beef ribs as well.

            1. Akhavan (at least the one on Sherbrooke and Grand boulevard or so) regularly has it.

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                The Akhavan on the West Island also carries it. Bought some today, in fact.

              2. I bought good frozen oxtail at a butcher on Roy between St. Laurent and St. Dominique. I forget the name but it's on the South side of Roy, can't miss it.

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                  the name is Alim Pot - one of my favourite butchers in Montreal, it is so affordable!

                2. Check out
                  Marche Arizona
                  4870 Sources blvd.
                  Dollard Des Ormeaux

                  They carry oxtail as well as other exotic cuts of meat.
                  The manager is also super friendly and will help you with whatever you need.