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Dec 12, 2010 06:33 AM

Oxtail in Montreal

Does anybody know where I can find oxtail in Montreal? I've tried the usual supermarkets like Metro, Loblaws as well as Adonis but nobody can tell me where/if it's available.

I bought some in Halifax years ago and it made for the best beef broth I think I've ever had in my life...

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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw it once at Super C on St-Jacques near Cavendish - can anyone confirm?

    You could also try other supermarkets that serve a large West Indian clientele, as oxtail is popular in cuisines such as Jamaican and Trinidadian - perhaps some in Cote-des-Neiges?

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      Most Asian grocers will have oxtail. Depending on where you are, butcher shops may have it on hand. It does show up in regular supermarkets evey once in a while. Like kpzoo wrote, West Indian / Caribbean places stock it. If you're near St-Michel, I suggest you go to Iasenza on Bélanger at St-Michel. They stock a lot of harder to find stuff like goat, pig's heads and all types of offal. If you're on the south-shore, the meat section at Kim-Phat is a veritable wonderland of nasty bits.

      EDIT: Sorry, kpzoo, I meant to reply to the OP.

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        its also one of the staple used in pho. Asian groceries should have it.

      2. Most of the time you can get oxtail at:
        Adonis Market
        4601 Boul. des Sources,
        Roxboro, Quebec, H8Y 3C5
        Telephone : 514 685 5050
        Fax : 514 685 9268

        It may be found at the left hand side of the self-serve counter in the back right side of the building.

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          If Adonis doesn't have it, drive a block further down Sources and go to Marche Kim Hoa on the corner of Sources and Ross. That Asian store has is available.

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            I have also seen it at the Adonis in Côte Vertu and on Sauvé, which might be closer for you....

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              I don't know if I'm just imagining this since two of you are saying they have it at Adonis, but I think I've only ever seen veal tail there.

          2. As a few people mentioned, Asian markets. I saw and bought oxtail at KV in Chinatown and Kim Phat in Brossard. They sell them whole and ask if you want them cut, what size, etc. For broth, I like using beef ribs as well.

            1. Akhavan (at least the one on Sherbrooke and Grand boulevard or so) regularly has it.

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                The Akhavan on the West Island also carries it. Bought some today, in fact.

              2. I bought good frozen oxtail at a butcher on Roy between St. Laurent and St. Dominique. I forget the name but it's on the South side of Roy, can't miss it.

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                1. re: decadent

                  the name is Alim Pot - one of my favourite butchers in Montreal, it is so affordable!