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Dec 12, 2010 05:09 AM

Fruit in main courses

Hello! New here, just came across this site - very exciting as I'm a sahm of one who loves to cook and eat!

I've always loved the use of fruit in main dishes, they add an interesting sweet/savory flavor, texture, an element of surprise in a dish. On the lookout for recipes that involve far I'm stuck on anything sweet n sour (pineapple), various tagines and pilafs with raisins etc.

Would love to hear about others' preferences, ideas and recipes....

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  1. Welcome to CH! If you go to the top right corner of the page and learn your way around the search function on Chowhound, you will find many of your questions already answered. Here's what the advanced search on this topic yields:

    1. I did some sausages on the Grill the other night, oh YUM! I used some nice pork German sausages from the butcher, sliced them open (not all the way thru), slathered them with Dijon mustard and then stuffed them with dried prunes or dates. I closed them up by wrapping them in bacon and used tooth pics to secure. They grilled up nicely in about 18 min. I served them with some leftover cranberry relish made with apples and oranges (all raw). Wow, was this a taste pleaser!!! We had crusty bread and a nice green salad to go with them.

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        I use the cranberry conserve I made for TD on roast pork sanwiches. Surprisinly it goes well with pesto too. Also on ham sanwiches and panini with fontina and ham.

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          Can I come eat the leftovers?

        2. I do a stuffing for a pork loin that has bits of raisins, apricots, dried apples, and diced dates in it.

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            I like stuffed pork with fruit in it. My husband does not like fruit with his meat, though, so it puts a damper on how much fruit I can get away with.

          2. I like to braise red cabbage with granny smith apples and cider vinegar. It's tart and a little bit sweet.

            I've also made stir fry chicken with peaches, and an apricot and olive stuffed chicken cutlet dish.

            1. One of my favorites is pork tenderloin with roasted plums. I double the plum portion!