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Dec 11, 2010 09:51 PM

New Le Creuset Stoneware "Keeper" Jars, SO cute!!!

Has anyone seen this apparently new line? Check it out: honey pot, barbecue sauce pot, syrup pitcher, garlic keeper, mustard jar, Jam (berry) jar, and possibly best of all :an olive jar!! Most come with a mini-utensil matched to purpose of the jar!! When did they come out with these? I got all for myself ;), and am giving them as Christmas presents!! Too adorable, and frankly, a better utility than the veggie/fruit pots (although I love them also). Your table will look fabulous....I came across them by accident.....they are not terribly expensive either...and a fairly good size, I have received the jam jar and garlic keeper; they are quite beautiful. Oh well, rave on!!

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  1. I saw the garlic keeper but haven't seen the olive jar and the jam jars, so I googled. yes they are very cute!!! Could you tell me how tight the lid is? I want to buy several colors to store my home made jams.

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      Hi, the berry jar comes in red and cassis, taht is all I could find. The lids, don't fit tight, they just sit on top, and on the berry jar there is a little semi-circular hole/opening in the lid for the spatula to sit in the jar with the lid on. Hope this answers your questions: I think the jar is just meant to go from fridge to table...