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Dec 11, 2010 07:45 PM

16th birthday party restaurant ideas!

Hello! I recently turned 16 and I was looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday.
I would highly appreciate it if you guys could list any recommendations for restaurants that are
-fit for a group of ~10 people (ages15&16)
-not too pricey (~$30 pp? not sure yet)
-good atmosphere, it could be both quiet or loud, fun, fancy, w/e
-serves birthday parties
-I live in the grapevine/colleyville area, but locations aren't strictly limited
-with private rooms? it's not really crucial, but it could be nice
-with good food!!(:

I hope the specifications weren't too specific! thank you guys for all your help(: and if you have any recommendations that don't follow what I listed above, I'll still appreciate it(: thanks!

(I also looked around the forum and Samar seemed to be a really popular suggestion. what are your thoughts?)

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  1. This question has been asked before and the most suggested answer was indeed, Samar! And, they have a lovely private room perfect for your group.
    I thought then and still think, it would make a great venue for a 16th birthday party.
    Because others here will make some excellent suggestions as well, the hardest part will be your deciding where to go.
    Happy birthday!

    1. Just took my daughter and her friends to Magic time Machine in Addison they had a blast. Really fun for kids. They all want to go again next year!!! The food was really good which was a surprise!