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Dec 11, 2010 07:18 PM

9-D in Carroll Gardens

has anyone been? It was recommended to me as a decent Thai restaurant.

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  1. Like all other Thai restaurants in the vicinity, and there are quite a handful, it is just that, 'decent'.

    1. It's a relaxing space, the food is decent, and the family that runs it is super-nice. Does it come close to the authentic delicious thai in queens? Is it a destination joint? no and no, but if you want thai and you're in CG or CH, you couldn't do any better. I think it's the best thai in the neigborhood.

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      1. re: missmasala

        thanks. all of that will fit the bill in this particular circumstancec!

      2. I agree with missmasala. however it is not good enough for me to ever eat food from there again

        1. I agree with missmasala for the most part, although i think it depends on what you want---

          i think ghang thai on court (not sure of the smith st location) has really nice tom yum soup--it's spicy and they serve an entree size with rice noodles. sometimes that is all i want to eat for lunch, especially in the winter.


          i love that nine-d has a great dry curry--it can pack some heat if you want that, but don't want the heaviness that comes with a regular curry sauce...