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Dec 11, 2010 06:27 PM

ISO Loose Teas in Tofu Valley

I want to make some Russian Caravan Tea to last through the winter. Years ago I used to get it at Fortnum & Masons and I suspect that some shops in Boston may carry their cans, but I think it would be better and fresher if I made it myself.

The recipe found on line recommends 1 part lapsang souchong, 1 part black tea,and 2 parts oolong tea. A good black tea would be Qimen (also spelled "Keemun"), but Assam or Ceylon would also do.

The local paper in Northampton, the Gazette, recently ran a story about a company in Hadley that sells loose tea, but I have no idea how good they are and they seem to be web-sales oriented.

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  1. You could be talking about a couple of Places. If it is actually Hadley, you might be thinking of Esselon Coffee on Rt. 9. They sell about 30 teas, but they are primarily a coffee shop that roast their own beans. The Coffee Beans are outstanding. The cafe is great and the tea selection is good, but I don't know about their online sales.

    Last month the Gazette ran a story about Tea Guys of HATFIELD. They have about 50 custom blended teas. They were primarily online, and in local cafes, but now have a limited presence in most Whole Foods Markets in Mass. They have a larger selection in the local natural Markets both River Valley & Cornocopia in Northampton. Their blends are excellent. You might try calling them to see if an area store carries the varieties you are looking for.
    I've given their gift sets and have heard nothing but rave reviews !

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      You can also get their teas at the natural apothecary in florence.

    2. Try Upton Tea They have a great selection

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        Cooks Shop Here in Northampton is also Tea Trekkers--it's where I've been buying teas for almost 20 years. They're the experts and have an excellent range of green, white, oolong (my favorite) and blacks. The last one I tried was a Tibetan white, unlike any white I've had before and delightful. Largest supply of loose teas I know of in the area, plus boxed teas and cooking/food supplies.
        PS: they wrote the book(s):

      2. They are in Boston, but there's always Mark T. Wendell Tea Company.