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Dec 11, 2010 06:22 PM

Good Steakhouse in east Mesa

We will be visiting my parents over Christmas and would like a recommendation for an affordable steak place in the east valley area. There will be teenagers along and while we sure do love them, we're pretty sure we don't wish to spend Morton's/Ruth's Chris kind of money.

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    1. My vote goes to Texas Roadhouse on Stapley and the Superstition Freeway, a place in a similar vein to the Logan's that ipsedixit recommends. I always feel a little awkward recommending a chain on here, but it may well be just the ticket in this case, and it's a good chain, so I don't feel too bad about it. They do a good job with the steaks, side dishes are not afterthoughts, and I feel like I get my money's worth there a LOT more than I do with the high-end steakhouses.

      1. Ditto JK's recommendation. There's another one on Power/Ray, too, if that's closer to where you are in East Mesa. We just plain can't afford the high end places, so Texas Roadhouse is usually our steakhouse of choice on those rare occasions that we actually go out for steak. I love the baked sweet potato.

        If you'd rather go somewhere that's not a chain, my parents live in Mesa and have enjoyed the restaurant at Midwestern Meats. I've never gotten around to eating there, but they say it's a very casual, homey kind of place. They thought it was very good.

        Steak is so easy to make that I tend to just go grab a package from Costco and make them myself on the grill. Got some Prime NY Strips there awhile back that were amazing.

        Midwestern Meats
        4308 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85205

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          I also agree too with JK and Jen76. When we want quick, cheap and good steaks we prefer Texas Roadhouse (power and ray) over The Outback or Logans anytime. The only drawbacks at Texas Roadhouse is I usually get stuff with their rolls/honey butter and the birthday yee haws!

        2. I was actually looking for something local or at least someplace at which we have not yet eaten. We've been to Midwestern meats and were not impressed with the food. While Texas Roadhouse is good, BTDT.

          Da Beebz, why Texas Roadhouse over Logan's?

          Jen, thanks for the reminder. The last time we did something casual like this and the bill came I realized we could have bought a whole, boneless prime rib, cut it into ribeye steaks with meat left over for less than half the money. Throw in a salad, baked potatoes and a vegetable and it's an easy meal to make at home.

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          1. re: John E.

            It's just a personal preference and I might be wrong but I like my steaks grilled over or under flames instead of on a flat top like The Outback. I believe Logan is on a flat top and Texas Roadhouse is over open flame.

            1. re: Da Beebz

              At Outback all you have to do is ask and they will cook it over the flame and it is a great deal better when done that way.

            2. re: John E.

              I was kind of afraid of that. Once you get east of the 101, about the only steak choices are either chains or nondescript golf clubhouses. Your main choices a little closer to town are Monti's La Casa Vieja or Rustler's Rooste. Both go for tourist dollars; you sacrifice some in quality for a historic location and delicious rosemary focaccia (Monti's), or a view, a slide into the dining room, and fried rattlesnake for an appetizer (Rustler's). Stockyards is better, but they close in on Ruth's Chris prices.

              Rustler's Rooste
              7777 S Pointe Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ

            3. Thanks for your input. We've been to Outback three times and I vow never to return each time (the last time was on a gift card given to us). I think the value and food quality is much better at Texas Roadhouse.