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Dec 11, 2010 04:55 PM

Need some direction(s) If you can

Hi San Diego people. I have a food trailer in Washington State called StrEAT food, and am coming to your fair city next week on vacation. We recently lost our home, and our pets, in a fire. The aftermath of which has taken a lot of my time as well as my ability to focus on my business. I need a break, and some inspiration. What should I do while there? I would like to eat from as many trucks and trailers as I can find of course, as well as any gems that are a must not miss. Thank you for any advice you may have.

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  1. do not miss Copper Chimney truck--only problem is that it's only out on Fri nights and all day Saturday. do a search on the board and you'll find reviews and Alan's cell phone #.

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    1. Are you planning a trip to LA? The food truck scene up there is phenomenal.

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        I had originally planned that, but I had been saving tips from the trailer for just such a purpose. Learned a big lesson in keeping cash around the house. So not this trip I'm afraid.

      2. MIHO gastrotruck. You need to look on their website or tweet, because there are changes in where they are daily - catering a lot of holiday parties.

        1. Sorry about your loss.

          Try the taco truck on 35th and El Cajon Blvd. Great fish tacos for .99 and they come with a cup of fish consume.

          1. Not sure if the OP is still here, and the weather may be detrimental to finding a foodie truck, but these links can help track down 3 that I know of: