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Dec 11, 2010 04:23 PM

Question about Lula

I was thinking of stopping at Lula for coffee and dessert on the way back to ORD (after having dinner downtown).

Do they hava a bar/lounge area that would accomodate this (2 people)?


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  1. I assume you are talking about Lula Cafe in Logan Square. They do, but it is small and often crowded. Maybe consider eating there...the food is very good.

    1. Lula's a good restaurant, but I don't think of it as a coffee and dessert place. You might like Hot Chocolate on Damen, which does have a little lounge area or Julius Mienl -- there's one on North Lincoln and another on Southport, or A Taste of Heaven on Clark St, in Andersonville. There are actually a lot of good coffee/dessert options between downtown and O'Hare.

      1. Are you driving or Blue Lining?

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          Responding to previous questions...

          Yes, we are referring to Lula Cafe in Logan Square.

          Yes, we are Blue Lining.

          We're staying near ORD on a Monday and taking the Blue Line into town for dinner. We have tentative plans downtown,and thought it might be nice to stop at Lula on the way back to the hotel for coffee and dessert. Maybe we're trying to cram too much into one day?

          1. re: _V_

            I can't say if you're trying to cram too much into one day. I don't know where or when you're going to dinner or what else you're up to that day.

            If you're not going to Lula for dinner, don't bother with it for dessert. Hot Chocolate is an excellent option. Owned by pastry chef Mindy Segal, who is also the pastry chef at the Elysian.

            Damen stop on the Blue line. Walk north on Damen about two blocks. Hot Chocolate is on the east side of the street.

            Hot Chocolate
            1747 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

            1. re: chicgail

              Hot Chocolate looks great, but sadly, they are closed Mondays.


              It doesn't have to be coffee/dessert place. A restaurant with a good pastry chef (like Hot Chocolate) will work. We're not opposed to sitting at a bar.

              Hot Chocolate
              1747 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

              1. re: _V_

                We ended up at Sable Kitchen & Bar for dinner, and just stayed for dessert. We split:

                Moroccan Spiced Almonds and Cashews (to go, for the plane ride home)

                Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds with Spicy Ketchup Glaze

                Mini Wild Mushroom Veggie Burgers with Red Onion Jam, Goat Cheese

                Roasted Butternut Squash-Apple Soup with Pumpkin Seed Oil

                Bison Short Rib Sliders with Root Beer Glaze

                Pumpkin Mousse Tart with Gingersnap Crust, Candied Pecans

                Everything was very good, but we thought that the Short Rib Sliders would be better than they were. The spiced nuts were heavy on the spices, masking a lot of the nut flavor.

                My only complaint is that paying $3.50 each for a cup of drip coffee is outrageous. (we didn't want a refill). I emailed the General Manager and got this response, in part:

                "We had our coffee priced based on what a number of our competitors were charging and then increased half-way through the year when the company we purchase our coffee from significantly increased their prices due to higher energy and transport costs on their end. [...] We try and alleviate some of the burden on our guests by offering unlimited complimentary refills for a coffee that is expensive to internationally import."

                If that is the case, then they need to find another (domestic) supplier.

                Sable Kitchen & Bar
                505 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

                1. re: _V_

                  $3.50 is a common price for a cup of coffee in a nice restaurant.

                  I find the food prices at Sable to be ridiculously low. You can fill yourself up on 3-4 items for under $30. (I've had short rib entrees elsewhere that had less meat than the two-slider $7 half-portion at Sable.) If you pay an extra dollar for a cup of coffee - and again, $3.50 isn't all that high (many nice places charge $4-5) - your total with the food can still be very reasonable.

                  If you go back, don't miss the sweet corn creme brulee!

                  1. re: nsxtasy

                    I dine out a lot when traveling, and I usually pay $2.50-ish for a cup of coffee at nice restaurants. Yes, in the overall scheme of things a buck is no big deal, but it struck me as a gouge. I haven't seen the $4-5 cup of drip ... yet ;-)

                    We almost had the sweet corn creme brulee instead of the short rib sliders; maybe next time we're in Chicago we'll start off with that. It's a great restaurant. We liked the whole/half portions, which allowed us to try several different things.